Exclusive | ‘..So I wrote the post of tired honorarium’

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Exclusive | ‘..So I wrote the post of tired honorarium’

Actress Mrinal Dusnis, Sharmishtha Raut, Vidisha Mhaskar and actor Sangram Samel shared a post on their respective social media about the exhausted honorarium. Producer Mandar Devasthali was the cash of these artists who came to the audience from the series Man Baware. In the Marathi industry, usually no one speaks like this in public. Not so for an experienced big producer like Devasthali. But what happened when these artists took such an extreme step? Did he express his displeasure to Devasthali earlier? After talking to these artists, they have presented their side in front of ‘ABP My ‘.

These artists have been coming from producer Mandar since last July. Artists have been asking the producer for money since July 2020. Not only the producer, but he also brought the matter to the notice of Colors Marathi Vahini, which airs the series. The channel took on the role of co-worker for all those who were tired of honorarium. The channel pays the producer for each episode. The post-July payment channel did the same to Devasthali. In doing so, the artists were given the idea. This amount was in the house of lakhs of rupees. Upon learning that the channel had paid the producer, the cast requested Devasthali to pay their dues. But despite all this money, the artists were not paid. After the lockdown, the shooting started on one side. At that time, despite the exhausted honorarium, the actors took part in the filming with full cooperation.

Now the year 2021 had dawned. The artists did not receive any honorarium. Again the dispute went to the Channel Court. Now the last payment of the series was left. Before clearing it, the NOC channel forced the producer to clear that all the payments to date have been cleared. But even there, noticing Mandar’s hard work to date, all the artists gave NOCs by e-mail. The expectation was that when the last installment of payment came, the temple would offer the payment to the weary people. Once the NOC is gone, the channel sends money to the manufacturer’s account. But even after that, the artists have not received payment since July. After that, actor Shashank Ketkar lost his temper and wrote a post on Facebook saying that the producers were wasting money.

Artists, technicians, spotboys, caterers, studios are all tired of rent since last July. If the channel pays for the series, then the money belongs to the people who work for the series. They are expected to pay their dues. If that is not the case, then the question is what should the artists do if they do not get paid by saying and texting repeatedly. We also have a stomach. There are installments. What to do if the work done for illness is not paid on time? That’s the question artists ask.

We don’t post such posts about anyone. But we also have some weaknesses, don’t we? We are human too. If there was a small payment, we would have given up. Besides, he has been sending the same message to the artists for many months now, saying that I am not a bad person, the situation is bad. I waited so long for this situation to change. But if someone is getting paid for posting, then the artist laments that you have gone crazy by not posting like this till today.

We have humanity too Devasthali’s work is great. All these artists know that they are experienced. Actor Shashank, Sharmishtha had gone to his office after learning that Mandar Devasthali had tried to commit suicide once before. They were reassured. Mrinal’s father was in the hospital while Mrinal was filming. She had attended the shoot on the third day after her father’s death. Whether it was an extra shoot or a bank shoot, the artists did not do anything without payment, it was humane. Now we are done with our work. The channel has paid for its work to the producer. But the producer doesn’t pay even after eight months, so the church asks what the artists want to do.

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