exclusive interview with bjp leader: ‘It is not right to trust people from TMC but not trust your loved ones at all’ – exclusive interview with tathagata roy on bjp in west bengal and tmc

exclusive interview with bjp leader: ‘It is not right to trust people from TMC but not trust your loved ones at all’ – exclusive interview with tathagata roy on bjp in west bengal and tmc

The turmoil that started within the West Bengal BJP after losing the assembly elections is not taking its name to end. The fight between the old and the new within the party is not only strengthening its roots, the possibility of many big leaders leaving the party is also being expressed. Tathagata Roy, who held the positions of Tripura Governor and BJP West Bengal President, met National President JP Nadda in Delhi on Tuesday. After the assembly election results, Tathagata Roy made serious allegations against four leaders including the party’s West Bengal President, in-charge. He had said that those leaders were incapable of handling the election responsibility. After this the senior leadership asked Roy to come to Delhi. Poonam Pandey, Special Correspondent of NBT National Bureau spoke to Tathagata Roy. Here are the main excerpts:

After your statement, the central leadership had called you to Delhi, how was the meeting with the national president of the party?
I told them everything. All the issues that I raised were discussed. I was assured that he would deliberate on those issues. I am satisfied with this. I also met Shubhendu Adhikari in Delhi and will meet again.

Why is there so much turmoil in the West Bengal BJP after the election results?
Along with Mamata ji’s strategy, our mistakes also played a role in the election results. The turmoil after the results is natural. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he won 18 seats. Accordingly, 126 assembly seats should have been given, but only 77 were got.

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Will the organization not be weakened by the turmoil that is going on?
Because of the weak organization, we got less seats in the elections. Now the organization has to be given a new direction, the same brainstorming is going on. The central leadership will take a decision in this regard.

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At the time of elections, a large number of Trinamool Congress people came to BJP. Was it the right move to open the doors of the party to all like this?
It doesn’t seem so, because around 140 people came from Trinamool. Only 5-6 of them won. From the point of view of their winning strike rate, that decision was not right.

Would the results have been different if instead of trusting the people from Trinamool, we had trusted the old party workers?
It is not that people from Trinamool should not have been trusted at all, but it was not right not to trust the old people of the party. I am also the old man of the party. It was not proper to rely solely on people who came from Trinamool, ignoring the old party workers and dedicated volunteers. This is proved by the results.

You have also been the President of West Bengal BJP, so was your opinion taken in making the strategy during the election?
Didn’t take it at all.

Instead of any old face of the party, Shubhendu Adhikari has been made Leader of Opposition. Will it benefit BJP?

Shubhendu Adhikari defeated Mamata Banerjee. This is no small matter. It is a big deal to defeat the sitting chief minister. Shubhendu Adhikari is a great leader. The place given to him is absolutely right. There is no other leader in the party like Shubhendu Adhikari. Delegating the responsibility to him will only benefit the party.

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There is talk of many people including Mukul Roy going back to Trinamool. What seems to be the reason?
Those who came and went back had no attachment to the BJP. They came for their own benefit. When he saw that he was defeated, he went back. Came to BJP and took advantage of contesting elections, then fled. No one has said that Mukul Roy will go back, so I will not say anything on him. About those who have gone back, I can say that just as our body does not become weak by excretion of excreta, but becomes strong, similarly BJP will also be strong, not weak.

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Has the BJP suffered because of excessive aggression against Mamata Banerjee?
It’s hard to say. There should have been some restraint in the language, I agree about this, but it should have been aggressive.

Conquering West Bengal is the dream of BJP as it has also been the work place of Syama Prasad Mookerjee. What a big setback for BJP this year’s election results?
Not such a big blow. There is definitely so much flexibility in BJP that once we fall, we grow by working again. In 1984, we got only two seats in the Lok Sabha. From there we stood up again and then kept on moving forward. We will stand up even from this situation. But it is necessary that what should be the organization of the party, what should be the strategy, all this should be decided. I have already spoken about my concerns regarding the organization and conveyed the same to the party.

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