‘Everything Wants Black’: The Children Caught in a Christmas Parade Tragedy

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‘Everything Wants Black’: The Children Caught in a Christmas Parade Tragedy

The Facebook page and GoFundMe pointed to pitfalls: a multisport athlete at Waukesha South High School had “a broken femur, skull fracture, broken ribs, C4 vertebral fracture, a bruised lung, and a pneumothorax (collapsed lung). ” An 11-year-old girl suffered a fracture to her left leg and a head injury and was in intensive care at a different hospital than her mother, who also suffered injuries. A saxophonist who has had two surgeries in a marching band in Waukesha South.

Chanda Hahn, 41, who was dancing in the parade with her 13-year-old daughter, said that if her fanfare routine doesn’t call for the entire group to “chasse” — or sway — to the left, they should The SUV took off as soon as it was cut down.

Later, he realized that the friend’s house where he had left his car was right next to where the SUV had been left behind. Tire tracks were still visible where the driver plowed into his friend’s yard, scratching his car in the process.

“There was a child’s glove,” she said, “a black kitten. We believe it stuck on the SUV”

“We’re fine as long as we’re not, you know?” Said Lisa Salb, whose granddaughter performed with the Extreme Dance team. Ms Salb said her granddaughter was not hurt, but she would never forget the bewildered discovery of the child on a street full of small corpses.

“They were all wearing the same uniform and makeup, and we couldn’t tell who she was,” she said. “I would look at one and pray, and then say the next and pray, and the next and the next.”

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In the home of Becerra-Montes, Yaretzi, the fourth of five children, said he remembers the accident only vaguely. His mother and sister, however, were watching from the sidewalk that he was killed.

“We have the videos,” said the Keetzli sister, 17. “He was going about 40 mph. He rammed him into the truck that was driving behind, playing their music. We found him partially under it.”

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