Eureka Fair: schoolchildren design homemade CO2 meter to mitigate the contagion of covid-19 | News

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Eureka Fair: schoolchildren design homemade CO2 meter to mitigate the contagion of covid-19 | News

The National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec) is preparing the ninth edition of “Peru with Science”, the scientific fair in Peru. Within the framework of this event, the Eureka Virtual National Science and Technology School Fair will be held, which will present the best school science and technology projects. Among them, the “Home CO2 meter to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus by aerosols at the ELIM International IEP in Arequipa 2021” stands out.

The school contest, carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, brings together students from the 26 regions of the country, as well as invited school delegations from other countries such as Panama, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

The school fair will take place for the second year virtually, from November 8 to 12, through the portal “Peru with Science”.

The home carbon dioxide (CO2) meter of the Educational Institution “International ELIM” of the UGEL Arequipa Sur has the purpose of being installed in the classrooms of an educational institution that do not have adequate natural ventilation due to the design of its infrastructure.

A high level of CO2 in a closed environment can be the product of breathing, talking, singing or sneezing, which has been shown to represent a risk of contagion of COVID-19 through the emission of aerosols.

The CO2 meter will emit a sound when the CO2 level reaches 700 ppm or more, which is indicative that the classroom must be unoccupied and ventilated to avoid the risk of contagion of covid-19.

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Eureka: the strategy promoted by Concytec

Eureka is part of the strategy promoted by Concytec to promote the creation of science and technology clubs, and its objective is to promote the scientific vocation in Peruvian children and adolescents, as well as to encourage in them the appropriate use of scientific methodology to obtain appropriate responses and practical solutions to problems in their environment.

This year there will be 78 students, who together with their advisory teachers represent 78 Educational Institutions throughout the country with their projects. They will show their research projects of high social impact in favor of technology and the environment.

The projects have been previously selected in their regions and the students in this edition participate with the expectation of winning the contest and thus represent Peru in international fairs to be held in the United States, Mexico and Brazil and among others.

Peru With Science Fair

The Peru with Science Fair in its second virtual edition will offer a varied program of activities that will include scientific dissemination talks, round tables, an experiment workshop for children, as well as information on scholarships and study abroad opportunities and a day dedicated to science education.

Peru Con Ciencia, the scientific fair of Peru, aims to be the space for citizens to have greater contact with science and technology, learn about the latest advances in this field and learn how Peru is preparing to face today’s challenges and tomorrow using these tools.

Posted on: 11/3/2021

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