eSewa’s ‘Mero Digital Desh’ campaign is gaining popularity

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Nepalese are increasingly attracted to the ‘Mero Digital Desh‘ campaign organized by eSewa Money Transfer, Nepal’s largest digital remittance company that brings remittances from over two hundred countries around the world.

About eSewa’s “Mero Digital Desh” Campaign

eSewa Money Transfer has started this campaign to promote remittance through legal means. At present, there is enthusiastic participation of Nepalese living abroad in this campaign. Nepalese are also joining this campaign every day. This campaign will continue for 6 months.

Under this campaign, Nepalese from any country in the world can participate by sending money to the bank account of the desired person in Nepal or to the eSewa wallet of more than 6.5 million users. Also, one can participate in this campaign by accepting cash remittances from abroad in eSewa wallet. By participating in this campaign and sending money through esewa Money Transfer, a person will get a package of attractive prizes for 6 months and a person will get a house in Kathmandu in a bumper every month.

Ajesh Koirala, Chief Executive Officer, eSewa Money Transfer, said, “No nation can be united without economic development. Since the contribution of Nepalese inside and outside the country is equally important for economic development, ESEWA Money Transfer has undertaken this campaign.” Through Mero Digital Desh campaign, I will contribute to the economic development of the country by sending remittances to all Nepalese abroad through digital and legal channels.”

Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal has also joined the campaign. Hamal is active in creating awareness about digital remittance in the country and abroad by being associated with this campaign. A few days ago, he visited the United Arab Emirates, home to around 400,000 Nepalese, to promote the campaign. Similarly, popular Nepali cinema actress Swastima Khadka has also been active in promoting this campaign. At the same time, as part of the attractive gifts given every month, two people received attractive gifts at home.

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