Dolphin Eats An Octopus After Killing It To Secure Safety Smarter Than Humans

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Dolphin Eats An Octopus After Killing It To Secure Safety Smarter Than Humans

Many people like to eat the sea creature octopus. Often they eat it well cooked or grilled on a plate. Although some people are fond of eating it alive. Even if the giant arms of the octopus choke their throat and suffocate. These people take risks to eat this dangerous creature. If the octopus is not cut and cooked properly, then it can go down the throat and cause great harm.

Octopus smarter than humans
Sometimes dolphins take a similar risk when they get an octopus as food. Dolphins take this risk because they cannot cook it and eat it, whereas there is no such compulsion with humans. Despite this, humans are eating the octopus alive and dolphins have started eating it after killing it. Kate Sprogis of Murdoch University in Australia says that octopus is a dangerous food.

Octopus dangerous even after beheading
Even if the dolphin detaches the head of the octopus, it can still damage it with its dangerous arms. Sprogis says that it is extremely difficult to avoid the ‘sucking’ hands of octopuses. A group of hungry dolphins living off the coast of Western Australia have found a solution. Dolphins move and pounce on their prey until its head is detached and its arms stop moving.

Research for many years
Sprogis and his colleagues gave this information in Marine Mammal Science. This technique had never been seen before by dolphins. This understanding was first observed in bottlenose dolphins that lived in the waters of Western Australia between March 2007 and August 2013. Researchers observed 33 such incidents when dolphins hunted an octopus in two ways.

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Two ways to hunt octopus
In the first method, the dolphin pressed the octopus into its mouth and began to shake it vigorously until the octopus was broken into pieces. In another method, the dolphin repeatedly tossed the octopus into the air until it was fit to eat. Many times dolphins hunted using these methods and ate octopus only after being absolutely sure about their safety.

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