do hide the truth where the novel coronavirus came from

do hide the truth where the novel coronavirus came from

Author: Bharat Dogra
In the early stages of Kovid-19, there was a lot of debate about where the virus came from. It was then said that this is the time to face Kovid-19 together, not to blame or dispute. Because of this, this debate slowed down. Collective statements of some eminent scientists were also published that there is no possibility of producing Kovid-19 virus in any laboratory. But after this it has been revealed that some of the scientists who issued these statements were related to the research of genetic changes in the virus. Therefore, this debate gave new life to the investigation team of the World Health Organization visiting China. It was also said that if the issues of dispute were not investigated properly, further research would continue to take place, which could pose serious dangers. Therefore it is necessary to resolve the dispute.

Gain of function
At the heart of this controversy is research that replaces various viruses in an artificial or genetic way to increase their ability to harm humans. It is also called ‘gain of function’ research. People find it very dangerous at first sight. Many virus experts say the same. In contrast, scientists associated with these research say that such research shows the possibility of future epidemics and virus reaching the animal from humans. There is also understanding about vaccines and treatment. Many scientists do not agree with this. Yet the fact remains that millions of dollars of grants for this research have been found regularly in many countries.

WHO team arrives at Wuhan Institute of Virology (Photo: AFP)

In this way, this dispute has been going on for years. The controversy gained momentum after three major virus-related accidents in US laboratories in 2014, and the US government began reviewing it with a temporary ban on some aspects of such ‘gain of function’ research. While prohibiting, it was said that if any research is needed from the point of view of public health or national security, it can be continued. Taking advantage of this, the grant was continued to a project which was already disputed. The grant under this project was awarded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of America to EcoHealth, a New York-based institution, and this grant by EcoHealth to the Wuhan Virology Institute in China. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is the largest center of corona virus research in China. Here, research was being conducted under the leadership of a female scientist, in which genetically modified corona viruses derived from bats were being enhanced to increase their ability to harm humans. Then it was being tried on mice transformed on the basis of human cells, which showed how the corona virus with the potential to cause more infections in humans could become more dangerous. Since the grant was being received from the US itself, it can be confirmed on the basis of its records available in the US.

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As soon as the news of the Kovid-19 outbreak came in December 2019, scientists and officials associated with such virus research in both China and America were deeply concerned that the blame might now fall on them. Together they all said in unison that there have been no accidents in the laboratory of Wuhan virus research. The corona virus of bats has spread in the ‘wet’ market in Wuhan, where meat of wild animals is sold. In this way, this dispute came to an end for some time.

Later, when the controversy of Kovid-19 increased and many other possibilities of suspicion were seen, the controversy started to get renewed. The World Health Organization also admitted that some aspects of this dispute are yet to be investigated further. One obstacle to expose the truth is that many of the world’s leading virus experts are involved in gain of function research and they feel that their own grants will be endangered if the issue of laboratory accidents gets caught up. On the other hand, other scientists believe that it is necessary to bring out the truth or else such accidents may happen in future. Since much research was being done with the Kovid-19 virus in Wuhan, and since the Kovid-19 infection began, it is important to raise the possibility that a very dangerous virus may have been leaked in a laboratory accident. There have already been dozens of cases of virus leaking from laboratories, a limited list of which is available. Not only this, the available records also show that all the necessary precautions were not being carried out in Wuhan’s laboratory.

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Two way cover-up
If the origin of Kovid-19 is found correctly, all the records related to it are available, then better treatment and prevention measures will be available and it will also help in taking necessary steps to prevent the possibility of such epidemics in the future. Since Wuhan had controversial research, it had been in China, but the grant was from the US. Therefore, alleged attempts are being made to cover the virus leak theory from both the places. Nevertheless, in all countries like India, families devastated by Kovid want the truth to be revealed. Truth is also important in the interest of science.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own

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