Divya Khosla Reveals Rape Victim Pearl V Puri Case: divya khosla kumar supports pearl v puri and reveals identity of alleged rape victim and family – Pearl V Puri Case:

Divya Khosla Reveals Rape Victim Pearl V Puri Case: divya khosla kumar supports pearl v puri and reveals identity of alleged rape victim and family – Pearl V Puri Case:

Popular TV actor Pearl V Puri has been remanded in judicial custody for 14 days by a Vasai court in Mumbai on charges of raping a minor girl (Pearl V Puri in custody). In defense of Pearl V Puri, many celebrities are posting and supporting on social media. Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of T-series owner Bhushan Kumar and actress-director Divya Khosla Kumar also supported Pearl V Puri. However, in this affair, he has exposed the identity of the victim and her parents on social media (Divya Khosla Kumar reveals rape victim identity).

According to the law, the identity of the rape victim and any information related to it cannot be revealed, but Divya Khosla Kumar has not only made the identity of the rape victim public on social media, but also shared her photos. Also, Divya Khosla Kumar (Divya Khosla Kumar Instagram) has written a long and wide post on her Instagram account.

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This post was written by Divya Khosla
Divya Khosla Kumar had worked with Pearl V Puri in a music video some time back. The song was a hit and the duo was much loved. Now supporting Pearl, Divya Khosla wrote in her Instagram post, ‘Very embarrassing and shocking work. Let me introduce you to these. This girl is the actress as well as the same person who has accused Pearl V Puri of molesting her five-year-old daughter on the set of a TV show. The case of these two husband and wife for the custody of their daughter is going on. The daughter has been with her father for the past two years as he has accused the actress wife of being an actress and had taken the daughter to the set where Pearl V Puri molested her. The daughter is not safe with her mother. I think this man should be given the Filmfare Best Screenplay Award for creating such a story. ‘

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‘Pearl’s name nowhere in FIR’

Divya Khosla Kumar further wrote, ‘Now the police have arrested Pearl V Puri arrest. I want to know why the police did not arrest him in 2019 when the case was registered. This is because the FIR registered at that time said that the girl was molested while she was with her mother. Pearl V Puri was not named anywhere in the FIR. I have read that FIR myself. Pearl’s mother herself had sent me that FIR yesterday and asked for help. The actress has made it clear in the conversation with Ekta Kapoor that her husband is a psycho. He is not mentally fit. She has abused him mentally and physically. He also has proof of this. She herself is saying that Pearl V is completely innocent and nothing like that happened on the set. ‘

‘Victim’s father kidnapped after school’
Divya further wrote in the post, ‘The one who went on the set with the girl has also given the same statement to the police. The baby was happy and playing. After the shoot, the girl’s mother had taken her to the house of some friends and she was happy there too. The girl is 5 years old and about 10 days later, the girl’s father kidnapped her from school and filed a case of physical abuse. Even then, neither the girl nor her father mentioned Pearl’s name in the FIR. 2 years later when the girl turned 7 years old, she identified the accused. Let’s assume for a second that even if something like that happened to that child, then I want to know if that child will remember the name of the accused at such a young age? Will she recognize him? ‘

‘#Metoo is being misused’

The girl’s mother also told Ekta Kapoor on the phone that the girl’s father tortures her a lot. The saddest thing is seeing how the #metoo movement is being misused. The girl’s father is torturing her mentally. ‘

‘Will anyone hire Pearl in the industry now?’

‘It’s a sad time for Pearl. He had a bright future ahead of him. Even before he started his career, his dignity was blown away. Will anyone in the industry hire Pearl now? It is very shameful that the father used the child for his own benefit and to ruin the life of another. Shame on the actress who did not tell the truth in front of the media. Do you think that karma does not bear fruit? ‘

‘Support everyone with #istandwithpearl’
Divya further wrote, ‘Humanity should be ashamed. I appeal to all of you to come forward and support Pearl. Use the hashtag #istandwithpearl on social media and don’t let this case die unless the victim’s mother or father comes out in front of the media and tells the truth. After all, how can we see a person’s career and life being ruined like this? I am supporting Pearl V Puri because I will give myself how much he respects women and girls. Our set had women in every department from costumes to choreography, assistants to even the director. Has anyone ever thought that this person is a pervert? No, this man is a man of good heart and good values. May truth prevail and Pearl not waste her precious years in proving herself innocent. ‘

Revealing identity is a punishable offense, punishable by up to 2 years
After reading this post of Divya Khosla Kumar, fans and celebrities are shocked. Many celebrities including Shraddha Arya, Surabhi Jyoti, Rakhi Sawant and Gautami Kapoor have reacted to this. However, many people say that instead of deciding the case on their own, let the court decide and do not reveal the identity of the victim and her family in this way. Explain that revealing the identity of a rape victim is an offense under Section 228A of the IPC. The offender can be sentenced to up to 2 years.

This quote is from the mother of the rape victim
On the other hand, the actress mother of the rape victim is saddened by the publicity of her identity and she has reacted by writing a post on social media. The victim’s mother has written that many people are calling her and asking her to come in front of the media. But their silence should not be considered as their weakness. He believes in the law and so he is silent. The mother of the victim said that many people have made a lot of splashing on her by making her and her daughter’s identity public which is legally wrong. It is a legal offense to make the name of the victim public. Now whatever is true must come out. The case is in court and so he is silent.

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