dinosaur mating behavior: Study on tyrannosaurus

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dinosaur mating behavior: Study on tyrannosaurus

Dinosaurs who once ruled the earth were very dangerous, it may be known to everyone, but in a recent study it has been found that they also used to fight terrible wars among themselves. Canadian scientists analyzed the skulls and jaws of more than 200 tyrannosaurs and found that the adults had similar facial marks. These battles are believed to have taken place in the race to win mates for reproduction. Scientists theorize that these predatory creatures used to bite each other not to kill but to prove dominance. (Photo: Royal Tyrrell Museum)

quarrel with each other

It has been told in the study that these attacks happened after reaching the age required for reproduction. It is believed to be done for the proper partner or region. The study, published in the journal Paleobiology, found such attacks were common among the same species and is important for understanding their behavior and reproductive systems. It has been difficult to trace how dinosaurs fought. Researchers at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada, examined jaws in fossils found in Dinosaur Provincial Park in 2017. (Photo: Royal Tyrrell Museum)

would do like this

Lead author of the study, Caleb Brown, told Live Science that the marks found on them may have been of teeth. The skulls of tyrannosaurs are full of marks, but no pattern has ever been studied before. Brown and his colleagues observed 324 traces of 202 dinosaurs. Paleontologists found that these marks were at the same location and orientation. From this it was speculated that these were caused by a similar attack. Brown says that it may have been an attempt to make themselves bigger in front of each other, in which they would have stuck the head of the front in the jaw.

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What are the marks?

Interestingly, these marks were not in children, but in species that had attained reproductive age. Of these, 60% were older adults. It is almost impossible to differentiate between males and females in dinosaurs, but only half of the animals have been found to be fighting between males and females. Therefore it may also happen that this is done to woo the partner.

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