Dent On modi’s Strong Government Image: With the return of agricultural laws, the magic of ‘strong government’ was broken, Modi won, PM Modi lost! – farm laws repelled mazboot sarkar image may shattered by modi government u turn on 3 news farm laws

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Dent On modi’s Strong Government Image: With the return of agricultural laws, the magic of ‘strong government’ was broken, Modi won, PM Modi lost! – farm laws repelled mazboot sarkar image may shattered by modi government u turn on 3 news farm laws

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Our austerity may have been lacking, our intention was clear but we could not explain it…whatever I did was for the farmers and what I am doing now is for the country…the three agricultural laws in dispute. This is the gist of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said to take back. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had been defending the decision like demonetisation, for the first time apologized on any issue. In his address to the nation, he apologized to the country that his government could not convince some people regarding agricultural laws. But now there is a new challenge before PM Modi and BJP. A new kind of penance has to be done.

Unable to explain the alleged benefits of agricultural laws to the agitating farmers, will the Modi government and the BJP be able to explain to their supporters outside the party cadre why it was necessary to withdraw the laws. To those supporters who are disappointed with this decision and who have to face the stinging taunts of the opponents. If Modi’s ‘Majboot Sarkar’, which won more than 300 seats, could not stick to agricultural reforms, then which government would be able to stick to reforms in future? It is so clear that with this decision the image of ‘Majboot Sarkar’ on which Narendra Modi used to flaunt, seems to be shattered in a jiffy. The agitating farmers have shown that even the Modi government can bow down, it just needs a bower.

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The magic of strong government is broken
The image of the Narendra Modi government has been that of a government that took tough decisions. Talaq-e-biddat means the abolition of triple talaq or the historic decision to abolish the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 or not to step back on CAA-NRC, bypassing all the protests.. All these decisions have strengthened the image of ‘Majboot Sarkar’. But the peasant movement against the agricultural law has broken this magic. This is not the first time that the Modi government has backtracked on some of its important decisions. In the first term also, the Modi government bowed in the same way. Even then the issue was with the farmers. A few months after coming to power in 2014, the Modi government brought an ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Act. The provision of consent of 80 percent farmers for land acquisition was abolished. Opposition parties and farmers strongly opposed this. After all, the Modi government, which brought an ordinance four times one after the other, had to bow down. On 31 August 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of the law. Then ‘Mann ki Baat’ was chosen for the announcement, this time ‘name of the nation’ became the medium of address.

Rahul Gandhi’s open letter to farmers and laborers, warned PM Modi, do not do such ‘adventure’ further
Feedback on agricultural law withdrawal
There was a mixed reaction on social media on the withdrawal of agricultural laws. Some were calling it Modi’s ‘master stroke’ while some were calling it the historic victory of the farmers’ movement and ‘democracy’ which forced a ‘dictatorial’ government to bow down. Apart from these two sections, there is also a section which is disappointed with this decision. There are supporters of Narendra Modi in this section, from the advocates of agricultural reforms to the ‘leader who does not shy away from tough decisions’. In this section, someone is telling it to break the illusion of ’56 inch chest’, while some surrender the government in front of the ‘Shaheen Bagh’ model, which will encourage ‘anarchy’ that the government can be bowed down by blockade of roads indefinitely. Now the challenge before the Modi government is to explain this section. The withdrawal of agricultural laws can prove to be a double-edged sword for the Modi government.

Did Rakesh Tikait equal in stature to father Mahendra Tikait?

The return of agricultural laws has certainly raised the stature of Rakesh Tikait, the biggest face of the farmers’ movement. He is being compared with his father Mahendra Singh Tikait. The current farmers’ movement is being compared with the historic Boat Club Kisan Panchayat in Delhi in 1988 under the leadership of Mahendra Tikait, which bowed down the then Rajiv Gandhi government and asked the Prime Minister himself to accept the 35-point demands of farmers including reduction in electricity rates. Had to give assurance. However, it is to be noted here that Mahendra Tikait never allowed any political party to use his platform, Bharatiya Kisan Union. Even after the death of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, who was called the messiah of the farmers, once he politely stopped his wife Gayatri Devi and son Ajit Singh from coming on his platform. He told them with folded hands that we do not allow any politician to come on our platform. On the other hand, the leaders of the current farmers’ movement were seen openly rallies in favor of one party in the West Bengal assembly elections. Rakesh Tikait himself addressed the election meeting of a party in Nandigram. Obviously, Rakesh Tikait doesn’t stick around even with his father when it comes to principles.

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So sweet… Honey also failed… Even a wasp doesn’t bite the confectioner… Rakesh Tikait’s taunt on PM Modi
Glorification of the Peasant Movement: Half Reality, Half Fascination
The withdrawal of agricultural laws is certainly a big victory for the agitating farmers, who forced the government to bow down. It is also being described on social media as the victory of the most organized and non-violent movement of independent India. However, this is not the complete truth. During the tractor march of farmers on 26 January this year on the occasion of Republic Day, the country’s capital Delhi witnessed it, it is not non-violence at all.

Now the memories of those pictures are fresh when the policemen had to jump into a deep gorge to save their lives from the rioters near the Red Fort. When all the policemen were bleeding while trying to stop the rioters. When a girl from Bengal was raped and murdered at the site of the agitation and the peasant leaders kept trying to cover it up. The clothes of some BJP leaders were torn and ran naked under the guise of farmers’ agitation. Some leaders were beaten up by running.

Farm Laws Repeal: ‘PM Modi showed his humility by apologizing to the farmers’ Captain said on the return of the law
Who can forget the Taliban’s brutality with Lakhbir Singh, a Dalit from Punjab on the threshold of Delhi. His legs were broken at the Kundli border, his wrists were cut off, he kept pleading for the neck to be cut off to get rid of the pain, but he was tortured to death. He was hanged upside down at the police barricade. After dying, his body was hanged on the police barricade for exhibition. The amputated wrist was hung in the armpit. On the threshold of the nation’s capital, it was a barbarity. The youth was accused of sacrilege of religious texts. The incident of death of 8 including 4 farmers in Lakhimpur of UP also did not take long. Cars of BJP leader’s convoy trampled 4 farmers. The main accused is the son of Ajay Mishra Teni, a minister in the Modi government. Angry farmers then thrashed 4 BJP supporters to death. These incidents show that the peasant movement is not at all non-violent. However, the way in spite of the scorching heat, bitter cold and rain, the agitation has been going on continuously for the whole year, during this time many farmers also died but the agitators persisted, this spirit is really ironic.

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Laws are made and repealed only in BJP government without cabinet approval, Chidambaram takes a dig at PM Modi
PM Modi’s defeat, politician Modi’s victory!
The laws which Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not give the status of the biggest agricultural reforms after independence, he was forced to withdraw those laws. The PM may be calling it a decision taken for the country, but the reality is that the government had to bow down due to fear of loss in the elections. The BJP was afraid of breaking its support base in western UP. There was a fear of losing the hard-earned political land in Haryana. After leaving the support of Akali Dal, BJP is trying to find a new political ground for itself in Punjab. But because of the agricultural laws, it became difficult for the BJP to move around in the area, far from saving its remaining vote bank in Punjab. This ‘master stroke’ of the return of agricultural laws may be a victory for politician Narendra Modi, but it is a defeat for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who could not stick to the so-called agricultural reforms. Behind the U-turn of the government is the math of electoral profit and loss, along with it, through the farmers’ movement, the Modi government is being portrayed as ‘stubborn’, ‘obstinate’, ‘tyrant’ by thwarting the liberal image. try to do.

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