Delhi NCR Crime: Fearing encounter in up rewarded crook Tekchand hide in Haryana, Faridabad-Palwal increased extortion and murder

Delhi NCR Crime: Fearing encounter in up rewarded crook Tekchand hide in Haryana, Faridabad-Palwal increased extortion and murder

The activities of notorious gangster Tekchand have increased again in Faridabad city and adjoining districts. Tekchand, who has been quiet since the famous Vikas Chaudhary murder case, is again carrying out incidents like murder, ransom and extortion in Faridabad-Palwal. In June, he had killed a gym trainer in Palwal. After which he sought extortion of 10 lakhs from a school operator in Chhayansa police station area. When he refused to give, he was kidnapped and left by intimidation by asking his henchmen. Tekchand is a prize crook of UP. Due to the fear of encounter of UP Police, he has now started carrying out incidents in Haryana.

There are more than 35 cases registered at the age of 30
Tekchand has more than 35 cases registered in the entire NCR. There are many cases like murder, ransom, attempt to kill, extortion. His name has come up in many big incidents from Faridabad to Palwal. Tekchand has a rivalry with gangster Hemraj in the village. Hemraj is close to gangster Manoj Mangaria.
The police believe that Mangaria is associated with the Sundar Bhati gang. In this way, Tekchand, while in jail, made close friends with gangster Kaushal of Gurgaon to compete with the Bhati gang. After this, he started asking for extortion from Kaushal in Faridabad. In this, Tekchand had engaged his sharp shooter Sachin. Then on 27 June 2019, Congress spokesperson Vikas Chaudhary was shot dead by the shooters of Sachin and Kaushal gang in a dispute that escalated due to extortion. The entire Haryana Police, including the STF, was involved in this famous murder. Kaushal, who was living in Dubai, was also arrested. Since then Tekchand was in jail and was lying quiet, but his criminal activities have increased again in the last few months.
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Tekchand’s hideout is also in a village of Greater Noida
If sources are to be believed, gangster Tekchand has added many small, but vicious criminals to his gang. Sachin Khedi is believed to be its sharp shooter, who is in jail in the Vikas Choudhary murder case. Sachin has a criminal friend. Whose brother-in-law is a gangster of Noida. The house of this gangster is in a village in Greno. In this village, Tekchand keeps hiding to avoid the police and the rival gang.

Vicious crooks are away from the grip of the police of 2 states
Police of both Noida and Haryana are searching for the prize crook Tekchand who was left on parole, but the crook is not getting caught by the police. While dodging the police of 2 states, now once again he has asked for extortion of 10 lakhs from the school operator.

Tekchand has a reward of 50 thousand in Noida
Noida Police has declared a reward of 50 thousand on Tekchand in the double murder case. After Tekchand came out from jail on parole, so far names have come in the case of 5 murders. Along with this, many cases of extortion have also come to the fore. At the same time, more than 12 murder cases against Tekchand are going on in the entire NCR.

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