Delhi Lockdown | Delhi workers waited for the village; ‘My’ report from Anand Vihar bus stand

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Delhi Lockdown | Delhi workers waited for the village; ‘My’ report from Anand Vihar bus stand

New Delhi: & nbsp; The migration of workers during the lockdown was seen as the largest migration since partition. The second chapter of this migration has now started in the capital Delhi. A six-day lockdown was announced yesterday and the workers are returning to the village. A lockdown was announced in Delhi and in just a few hours, the workers again turned to the railway station, bus stand. At Anand Vihar bus station, there was no place for ants to set foot since yesterday evening. Some went to Uttar Pradesh and some to Bihar. Doing anything to get first place on the bus or train. Because their only fear is not to have time to walk again.

A six-day lockdown has been declared in Delhi. In neighboring Uttar Pradesh, however, there is still no lockdown. Therefore, at least buses and other means of transportation are immediately available to the workers. He feared that the government would initially impose a short-term lockdown and then extend it. As a result, despite Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s call not to leave Delhi, the workers’ fears have not abated.

The sudden lockdown made it difficult for them to live in the city. And even when trains, buses, and vehicles were closed, some walked thousands of miles. Lockdown affects the lives of the poor. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

Lockdown is not the only solution. Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal had also clarified that the health system had to be installed so that it would not collapse. But this lockdown raises the question of the livelihood of these workers. Even a ten-day lockdown creates the illusion of survival for those on a daily basis. That is why this second chapter of migration has started in the capital Delhi. Distrust of the system seems to be expressed so strongly.

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