daughter gave fire to both at crematorium: test of pain: brother and father death from coronavirus in four days, daughter gave fire to both at crematorium People said- God have mercy

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daughter gave fire to both at crematorium: test of pain: brother and father death from coronavirus in four days, daughter gave fire to both at crematorium People said- God have mercy


  • Corona of Corona in Shajapur district of MP
  • Two family members died in Sarangpur
  • Daughter gives fire to father and brother because there is no male member in the house
  • Hearing the roar of the daughter in the crematorium, people said, now have mercy

The Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh is groaning from Corona, weeds among many families who are in the grip of infection. In a family resident of Sarangpur, Corona has created a furore, two people have died in the house within four days. Now there are only women left in the house. The entire responsibility of the house rests with the 25-year-old daughter Tanvi Saxena. Tanvi offered fire to her first brother and four days later offered her father.

On Monday, Tanvi wore a PPE kit at her cremation ground and offered fire to her father. Tears streamed from the eyes of the people around. Got out of people’s mouths – God, have mercy. According to the information, Tanvi rushed to Shajapur district hospital for treatment when her 61-year-old father Avadhesh Saxena (retired teacher), mother Karuna and 32-year-old brother Shubham were infected with corona on 28 April. She was running alone here and there for the treatment of the three. All three were undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

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Brother died on 29 April

The next day after his hospitalization, the brother succumbed. Leaving the parents in hospital, Tanvi reached the Shanti Forest of the city with the body of her brother. Unhappy mother Karuna also rose from the Corona ward and reached Shantivan barefoot after hearing the news of the son’s death. Here mother and daughter performed the last rites of Shubham. Tanvi performed the cremation by offering fire. Brother’s bones were also collected by Tanvi with the help of social workers of the city.

Father also left
By Monday, Tanvi’s mother’s condition has improved but her father Awadhesh left her on Monday. On the fourth day after the death of the brother, the father’s death once again struck the mother-daughter. In these adverse circumstances Tanvi somehow took over her mother and in a span of five days once again she reached Shantivan with the dead body. Here he cremated the father with cousin Chetna.

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Dharmendra Sharma and journalist Manish Soni of the Gauraksha team helped the victim’s family after finding out about the corona’s havoc on the family and the death of two people in five days. On Monday, Tanvi’s father’s funeral helped with other tasks including collecting wood, condes. Other people of the city have also discussed with Tanvi and assured them of help in this hour of grief and calamity.

Family salutes
In this hour of grief, her cousin Chetna is standing with Tanvi all the time. Tanvi was also present at the crematorium along with her uncle. Family members considered the deceased Awadhesh Saxena as the head of the household. His niece Chetana, along with her brother, saluted the uncle at the funeral. Everybody’s eyes became moist after seeing this picture.

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