cyber fraud news: cyber fraud increased by 37% in nine months about 3 crore rupees were cheated from 39 people

cyber fraud news: cyber fraud increased by 37% in nine months about 3 crore rupees were cheated from 39 people

In Haryana’s Faridabad, cyber crime is increasing day by day as compared to theft, snatching, robbery. Even today, the police seems to be proving to be laggy in solving the cases of cyber fraud. Police personnel neither have better tracing equipment nor better training to trace cyber thugs. Policemen often struggle to get data out of banks and telecom companies for weeks after cyber fraud. In such a situation, till then the cyber thugs get away with taking money out of those fraudulent accounts. Police say that all the cyber frauds that are taking place are happening through numbers running on fake IDs and bank accounts opened on fake IDs. In such a situation, being able to trace the criminals proves to be a big challenge for them.

On an average 45 complaints come to the police in the city every day.
Let us tell you that in Faridabad, about 45 complaints of cyber fraud are received every day. In all these cases, the police is involved in the investigation for a long time. When the police are convinced that a link of a criminal is found in the case and they nab him, then somewhere the police register a case in such cases. Cases have been registered in the city six months after people were cheated of cyber. In such a situation, by then the criminal has already spent the amount of the fraud.

Cyber ​​crime increased by 37% this year compared to last year
The Cyber ​​Police Station had registered only 15 cases of cyber fraud last year. At the same time, so far this year, the cyber police have registered 39 cases. Most of these cases are registered where the criminal was caught by the police. At the same time, in the year 2020-21, if we look at the cases registered in all the police stations, a total of 129 cyber fraud cases have been registered. According to the cases registered in the police records, this year cyber thugs have cheated Rs 2,08,80,226 in 39 cases. At the same time, hundreds of cases are still not registered by the police.

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Most fraud by sending QR code and link
According to the cyber police station, most of the cyber thugs in the city are cheating people by sending QR codes and links. Along with this, cyber thugs have targeted many people in the city in the name of getting huge profits in the maturity of life insurance.

Question and Answer by DCP Crime Jaiveer Rathi
Question- 45 complaints of cyber fraud are received every day, why are all not registered?
Answer- All complaints to the police are necessary. If there is any complaint of cyber fraud, it is first verified. There is a verification process. Which takes some time. Cases are registered immediately upon verification.

Question- Why do the police register only those cases in which it is confirmed that the criminal has been caught?
Answer- It is not so at all, it is important for the police to take action in every crime. As soon as the case is registered, it gathers so much evidence against the accused in the investigation that it becomes easy to catch him. Because of this, the success rate of cyber police station is much better in the cases registered so far.

Question- Cyber ​​fraud cases have increased by 37% in the city as compared to last year, what steps are the police taking to stop it?
Answer- Police has organized 26037 awareness meetings in the city since June last year through beat policing and 5.77 lakh people have been made aware to avoid cyber fraud. In the future also, by conducting seminars and street meetings, the police will run an awareness campaign against cyber fraud.

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Question- Recently, the Supreme Court had said that the policemen posted at police stations are not trained enough to prevent and trace cyber frauds. In such a situation, is there any training being given to the policemen to investigate the cases of cyber fraud?
Answer- Two policemen from all the police stations of the city have been trained to investigate cyber fraud. Along with this, training programs will be run for them from time to time based on the updated technology. Along with this, the policemen posted in cyber police stations also get training frequently.

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