cyber crime ho jaye to kya karen jaane har sawaal ka jawab

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cyber crime ho jaye to kya karen jaane har sawaal ka jawab

Cyber ​​crime has emerged as a big challenge in front of the country and the police at this time. On Sunday, in Lakhimpur-Kheeri, UP, a cyber thug blew not 1-2 thousand but the entire Rs 1,33,900 from the account of a government teacher. Knowing about such a big fraud with him, the ground slipped under his feet. However, he complained on the cyber crime portal in time, as a result of which Rs 1,25,945 was also returned to his account within 72 hours.

Pragya (name changed), posted in the primary school at Hargaon, Sitapur, got a call on Sunday. The caller had called him posing as a representative of his bank. He tells Pragya that his internet banking service has been stopped and if not activated then the account may also get closed. nbt online In a conversation with Pragya said, ‘I said that I do not know how internet banking will be activated. He offered to help and asked me to install AnyDesk app from play store. I installed the app and told him the app code shown on the screen. That was my biggest mistake.

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Money spent by taking wrong advantage of AnyDesk app

The AnyDesk app gives full access to your phone or computer to anyone with whom you share the code displayed in the app. The thug took access to Pragya’s phone, accessed her netbanking username, then reset the password and transferred the amount in the account to a Paytm account. As soon as Pragya got the message of deducting money, she realized that she had been cheated.

Received money in 72 hours after complaining

Pragya without wasting any time filed a complaint on the cybercrime portal of the Union Home Ministry at As a result, Rs 1,25,945 was returned to his account within 72 hours of the incident. The advantage of reporting on time was that the cybercriminal thug was able to withdraw only about Rs 8,000 and his account was frozen before that.

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How to avoid cyber fraud?
Pragya’s case is just an example and she is lucky to have got a major part of her money back. Thousands of people are victims of cyber fraud every day, but most do not know what to do if they are a victim of it? First of all… Never, ever share the OTP received on your phone with anyone, or share your debit card details and PIN with him. Apart from this, if someone asks you to share the code shown on the app after installing the app, then be alert, because you will become a victim of big fraud as soon as you give the code.

If you want to avoid cyber fraud, then definitely follow the advice of these senior IPS officers.
What to do if cyber fraud happens?
What should be done if cyber fraud happens to you even after taking these precautions? First of all, register a complaint on cybercrime portal or 155260. nbt online In conversation with UP ATS ASP Rahul Srivastava The helpline 155260 is available for residents of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh then you can also call 112, recently 112 has tied up with National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal under which cybercrime offenses can be registered by calling 112 and they The Central Cyber ​​Crime Cell will be transferred.

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