Customer Shares Salt Bae London Restaurant Bill Of Rs 38 Lakh Social Media Troll For Expensive Food

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Customer Shares Salt Bae London Restaurant Bill Of Rs 38 Lakh Social Media Troll For Expensive Food

Turkish chef Nusrat Goksh, popularly known as ‘Salt Bae’ on social media, opened his 15th restaurant last month at the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Since the opening of the restaurant, people are trolling the restaurant for expensive food by sharing photos of the food bill on social media. The cost of common items like salad and fries is also very high in the bill. Recently, a user shared the photo of Bill, which broke all the records of expensive food so far.

In this bill, 22 items of food are included, whose cost is 37,023.10 pounds i.e. about 38 lakh rupees. The bill also includes a service charge of £5,000. It can be seen in the bill that the customer has spent the most money on wine. The bill was shared on the social media platform Reddit from where it has now been removed. One user commented, ‘Why are people sharing the bills of this substandard restaurant? Do they want to tell that I am very rich but also very stupid and I have no sense of good taste?’
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It is cheaper to go to Turkey to eat
One user wrote, ‘This is a generous way to show off. Sharing your food bill of 30,000 pounds and then criticizing the expensive prices. Since the restaurant opened last month, many people have shared photos of expensive bills on Twitter, which is becoming a trend. One user wrote, ‘It is cheaper to eat in a restaurant in London than to go to Turkey and eat at a restaurant in Salt Bay, Turkey. 9 pounds for a Coke. Tomahawk steak for £630, no thanks.’
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Customer paid a bill of Rs 1.80 lakh
Earlier, a customer had shared the food bill on Twitter, after which people started trolling the restaurant. To eat a plate in the restaurant, the customer had to pay a bill of 1800 pounds i.e. about 1.80 lakh rupees. This is not the first restaurant of Chef Gokce that people are trolling for the expensive price. Earlier, at Miami outlets, people had raised questions about the expensive prices of food.

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