Cusco: Misión Incor of EsSalud will perform high surgery to patients with heart disease | News

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Cusco: Misión Incor of EsSalud will perform high surgery to patients with heart disease | News

The heart of Cusco will have a new beat with the decentralization of cardiac operations that EsSalud will begin to carry out at the end of October through the National Cardiovascular Institute (Incor) in the imperial city.

A team of specialists from Incor will arrive in Cusco to begin their work with two highly complex interventions for patients suffering from heart disease, announced the Executive President of EsSalud, Mario Carhuapoma, who is on a working visit to that southern region of the country, in the company of the first lady of the Nation, Lilia Paredes.

The official recalled that the last heart operation carried out in Cusco was 17 years ago and with the Misión Incor initiative, which promotes its management, highly specialized services are being decentralized, thus providing timely and quality care to insured persons in the interior. from the country.

“The most important and noble organ is the heart. They report to me that in Cusco there are 50 to 60 cases of heart disease that require specialized surgery and we are not going to allow the people of Cusco to travel to Lima leaving their families, wasting time and damaging their economy. Thus, The Incor comes to Cusco and we will also take it to the 25 regions of our country because that is the commitment that we have assumed in EsSalud ”, announced the head of the Social Health Security.

In the coming days, the multidisciplinary team of the Incorpo will operate on two people with heart disease at the Adolfo Guevara Hospital of EsSalud Cusco and it will train local healthcare personnel in the management of cardiac patients with complex pathologies, transmitting its extensive experience and knowledge to them.

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“This action is part of the political decision of the Government of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, to shorten the gaps in health services and bring highly specialized professionals to the regions to provide timely and quality care to more Peruvians,” he said. the highest authority of EsSalud.

Carhuapoma Yance highlighted the support and support of the first lady for the actions of her administration in matters of decentralization of heart operations and the treatment of children with cancer.

Other regions

The continuity plan of the National Cardiovascular Care System, called Misión Incor, was presented last week by the head of EsSalud at the Ramiro Prialé de Huancayo hospital, in Junín. On that occasion, the INC specialized brigade, led by Dr. Julio Morón Castro, successfully operated on two adult patients, who have been recovering satisfactorily.

The program Misión Incor will also arrive in the city of Trujillo (La Libertad) to perform cardiovascular surgeries on two pediatric patients.. In addition, He will visit the regions of Lambayeque, Arequipa and Loreto where he will operate on a total of 12 patients and perform 60 non-invasive echocardiography procedures.

Fight against corruption

On the other hand, the executive president of EsSalud reiterated his commitment to end corruption that could affect the institution.

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“At EsSalud we provide quality health care without corruption. In our institution the issue of corruption is over and those involved will be separated and punished. We will fight to end overpricing, cost overruns, and maliciously mishandled services. We will not allow that. The resources we have are to give quality of health and life to our insured ”, Carhuapoma Yance stressed.

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Child cancer

Subsequently, the head of the Social Health Insurance will travel to Urubamba, where he will sign an important agreement with the Vidawasi Association to strengthen the diagnosis, treatment and palliative care of cancer and other pediatric diseases.

Through the agreement, both institutions will undertake, among other actions, to promote healthy states of life, develop practices in the early detection and comprehensive treatment of pediatric diseases and fight against childhood cancer in the insured population.

Finally, the official, together with the first lady, will visit the residential facilities and complementary health services that make up the Vidawasi citadel, soon to be inaugurated, where comprehensive care will be provided to the most vulnerable children and families in the high Andean regions of the country.


There are 50 cases of cardiac patients who are referred from Cusco to Lima each year at a cost of 60,000 soles for each one, which is equivalent to a saving of approximately three million soles.

The most required cardiological operations are: valve surgeries, cardiac catheterization, pediatric congenital heart disease.

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Published: 9/26/2021

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