Covid-19: where can you get a molecular test for free? | News

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Covid-19: where can you get a molecular test for free? | News

If you have symptoms of covid-19 or you think you have contracted it and you need to confirm or discard your suspicions, you can do a molecular test for free at any of the centers that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has implemented in Metropolitan Lima and Callao.

A timely diagnosis can prevent serious illness and even death from covid-19. For this reason, the Minsa, through the National Institute of Health (INS), has the web tool “Covid Points”, where the population can know the centers of Metropolitan Lima and Callao who develop molecular tests at no cost.

The website has details such as the name of the health center, address and opening hours of 221 points available in Metropolitan Lima and Callao. In these centers, health personnel will conduct a clinical evaluation and, if necessary, a covid-19 discard test.

The head of the INS, Víctor Suárez, recommended to the population not waiting for symptoms to pass a discard test. “If the person suspects a contagion or has been in contact with a positive case, they should go to be tested to avoid spreading the disease and infecting their loved ones.”

People who have difficulties to move to their closest covid point can contact the Line 113, option 2, so that your request is reported and coordinated with the health authority, taking the test at home.

Suárez explained that to access their results, people must enter the “Covid Results” search engine, which will take them to the INS website.

Oscar Escalante, molecular biologist at Minsa, pointed out that molecular tests have a higher level of sensitivity in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, while antigen tests are more effective once symptoms appear.

Escalante indicated that, before any symptoms such as cough, fever or general malaise, the person should go immediately to the nearest health center to identify the virus early and avoid infecting their relatives, neighbors and / or surroundings.

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“We recommend families to be vaccinated with the two doses and to continue complying with biosecurity measures such as the use of a double mask, social distancing, ventilation of environments and proper hand washing with soap and water,” he commented.

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Posted on: 11/8/2021

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