Covid-19: the delta variant advances in Lambayeque and already adds 127 cases | News

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Covid-19: the delta variant advances in Lambayeque and already adds 127 cases | News

18:35 | Chiclayo, nov. 8.

The Lambayeque Regional Health Management activated all its comprehensive intervention teams, after confirming 13 new cases of covid-19 caused by the delta variant in this jurisdiction, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Health (INS).

Once the INS report was known, the comprehensive intervention teams carried out the clinical follow-up of cases and they identified that some of the new patients are asymptomatic and that all are in a stable situation.

The infected, cwhose ages are between 16 and 76 years old, they reside in the districts of Chiclayo, Monsefú, La Victoria, Pimentel, Cayaltí and Lambayeque.

Call to the citizens

So far, 36 contacts have been detected, between asymptomatic and stable, who are also monitored by health personnel.

More than 70% of the new cases identified are people who have one or two doses of the vaccine against covid-19. People with the full immunization schedule are protected against severe cases and death from coronavirus.

In this context, the authorities They called on citizens to go to vaccination centers and receive the corresponding dose. In addition, they also invoked to continue with the use of a double mask and face shield, frequent hand washing and maintaining distance from others.

How to act?

Before any respiratory symptoms, it is important that the patient does not self-medicate and, on the contrary, go to the health facility closest to your home.

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Citizens too can request the home visit of the comprehensive intervention teams, By calling the telephone lines 958 692 589 and 949 603 321. Attention is from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm

To date, the Lambayeque region has 127 cases of the delta variant and 7 mu, identified in the districts of Cayaltí, Chiclayo, José L. Ortiz, Lagunas, La Victoria, Pátapo, Picsi, Pimentel, Monsefú, Saña, Ferreñafe, Pítipo , Íllimo, Mesones Muro, Jayanca, Lambayeque, Motupe, Oyotún, San José and Túcume.

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Posted on: 11/8/2021

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