Covid-19: 57% of the target population in Peru already have both doses | News

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Covid-19: 57% of the target population in Peru already have both doses | News

Peru already has 16 million 8 thousand 997 inhabitants immunized with the two doses of the vaccine against covid-19, with which they are more protected against this disease and its variants

That number represents an advance of 57% of the target population.“said the Health authority in its daily report.

According to the projections of the Health sector, the target population for vaccination is made up of people over 12 years of age, who add up to 28 million 24 thousand 250 in the country.

The Minsa report specifies that 20 million 358 thousand 476 Peruvians applied a dose; and 292 thousand 401, the third dose.

Until yesterday, Sunday, November 7, the Minsa had applied 35 million 448 thousand 956 doses, so in the last 24 hours it placed 210 thousand 918 more.

Vaccination of adolescents aged 17-15 years

Of that total, 219 thousand have already received the two doses of the vaccine, because they suffer from various comorbidities that advanced their immunization against the coronavirus.

One million 100 thousand adolescents live in Metropolitan Lima and Callao, of which about 470 thousand are between 17 and 15 years old.

The programming of all minors appears on the portal I put my shoulder, according to the standard provided by Reniec.

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Posted on: 11/8/2021

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