couple cut vein in closed room: indore couple news : couple cut vein in closed room, girlfriend died

couple cut vein in closed room: indore couple news : couple cut vein in closed room, girlfriend died


  • In Indore the loving couple took the fatal step
  • In a closed room, the lover couple cut the vein of the hand, the girl died
  • The families of both were not ready for marriage, the police engaged in the investigation of the matter
  • The girl’s body was sent to MY Hospital for PM

In MP’s Indore, a loving couple has cut a vein in a closed room. After this, sensation has spread in the area. The incident is of Malvinay Nagar located in Vijayanagar police station area. The police have taken the couple to the hospital, where the girlfriend has died. At the same time, the young man’s treatment is still going on in the hospital. The reasons for the incident have not been disclosed yet as to why both have taken this step.

At the same time, it is being told that both had a love affair and the family members were not getting ready for marriage, due to which the loving couple has taken a step like suicide. At present, the Vijay Nagar police is engaged in the investigation of the case. The name of the youth is being told as Ajal and the name of the girl is Pooja. The girl tried to commit suicide by cutting her vein in the room of her lover Ajal.

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According to the information, Ajal is originally from Khandwa and used to work here by renting a room while Pooja lived nearby. After the incident, both were taken to the hospital, where Pooja died during treatment. At the same time, Ajal’s condition remains critical.

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At the same time, in the entire case, Vijay Nagar police made a case and sent the body to MY Hospital for post-mortem and started investigation. Also, the family members of the youth have been informed about the incident.

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