coronavirus vaccine death in two years: will people die after two years of coronavirus vaccination: will corona virus die two years after vaccine

coronavirus vaccine death in two years: will people die after two years of coronavirus vaccination: will corona virus die two years after vaccine

First, the corona virus epidemic hit the world, then its variants wreaked havoc and now there is an atmosphere of fear about the vaccine. Meanwhile, the claims of French Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier sparked panic. Reports said that according to Luch, the people who got the vaccine would not be alive for more than two years. Luch attributed the mutations caused by the vaccine to the variants. What should we do in such a situation? Is there really a risk of death from a vaccine? Is the vaccine making the virus stronger? Should we not get vaccinated? To find the answers to all these questions, Shatakshi Asthana spoke exclusively to the American Physiological Society and Dr. Joseph A. Roche of Wayne State University and Dr. Ram Karan Sharma, an expert enzymatic expert at King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia, for the Navbharat Times Online. . He told the full truth of the claims and rumors on the vaccine-

1. How does mutation happen? What is the effect of the vaccine?


Dr. Joseph said that after infecting the body, the virus tries to escape from the immunity. The virus tries this not only in those who are vaccinated, but also those who have been cured once and have developed immunity, and also in those who have had the infection for the first time. Therefore, it is also important that people who have been vaccinated should continue to carry out social distancing, wearing masks and cleaning so that infection does not occur again.

They reported that mutations are common in single-strand positive sense RNA viruses (eg SARS-CoV-2). The probability of mutation increases with how many people have the infection, not how many vaccinated people have the infection. It is also believed that a virus may develop due to one’s immunity. The less people have the infection, the less chance the virus will get of modification through mutations.

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In such a situation, new infections will have to be prevented through methods such as vaccination and social distancing, masking and cleaning. This will weaken the virus and eliminate community spread over time. Physical restrictions are the other way to prevent the virus except the vaccine, which will be a challenge for the public to follow and is not practical for a long time.

Slow mutations

Dr. Joseph states that the vaccine has been found to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 and reduces the risk of infection and transmission. It has also been found that the risk of virus infection increases and mutations also occur if there is no vaccination, or less vaccination.

Dr. Ram Karan said that all viruses are naturally mutated over time and Sars-CoV-2 is no exception. Many of these mutations are minor and may also make some viruses less infectious. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, it has been observed that it is mutating at a rate four times lower than other RNA viruses. He also stated that vaccines are also effective against variants. The slow mutation rate is expected to give the vaccine candidates the ability to provide long-term protection and will be a less constraint.

2. Will vaccinated people die in two years?


There is no evidence that virologist Luch has said that in two years the people who died will be vaccinated. Nowhere has there been any confirmation of such a statement from his side.

Even if he said so, Dr. Joseph makes it clear that this is very wrong. As a biomedical research, there is no reason for such a prediction. He has also said that when Kovid-19 wreaks havoc on the health of people and society all over the world, then such a statement on the basis of his opinion is immoral. Dr. Joseph has stated that there is no reason to believe that people who take any safe and effective vaccine will die due to the vaccine in two years.

Dr. Ram Karan has agreed with Dr. Joseph that there is no scientific evidence to support the concerns that Luch has expressed. Dr. Ram Karan said that there is a lot of discomfort among those taking the vaccine. It is also promoting vaccine hesitation in those who have not yet been vaccinated. People in India facing severe wave of infection and death should not be distracted by this news. COVID-19 vaccines should be taken as soon as they are available.

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3.Coronavirus Vaccine is not the first vaccine against any viral disease. Has there ever been evidence of a virus being stronger due to a vaccine before?


Dr. Joseph says, ‘No, there is no such evidence. Vaccine studies on safety issues are withheld during clinical trials. That is why trials are done. There has been no evidence of any strong effective vaccine to strengthen the virus or any other germs and increase the epidemic. ‘ They have clarified that there is only a possibility of mutation due to the vaccine but there is a risk of mutation due to excessive use of antibacterial and antiviral drugs.

He has also told that the importance of vaccine is known in the case of polio. In communities where there has been little or no vaccination, the virus has been found to spread after vaccination. According to the WHO, after 2-3 rounds of full vaccinations, it was successfully managed to stop completely. The victory over polio is an example of eradicating the virus on a large scale from vaccination.

4. Virus becomes fatal after vaccination?


Dr. Faheem Younus, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland, has also rejected the claim that Kovid has become uncontrollable due to vaccination. He told on Twitter, 70,000 people died after vaccination in the US, while around three and a half million people died of corona three months before the vaccination. A similar incident has been seen in other countries as well. They have also reported that the corona variants from the vaccine are forming there because all the major virus variants associated with Britain, America, South Africa, Brazil, India have emerged before widespread vaccination, not after vaccination.

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