coronavirus medical face masks or fabric masks who shares guidelines

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coronavirus medical face masks or fabric masks who shares guidelines

CoronaVirus: CoronaThe role of the mask was very important in the fight against opposition from the very beginning. Be it fabric masks or medical face masks, each mask worked to keep many safe in this crisis. As the Corona crisis escalates, the health system and the World Health Organization are urging everyone to use masks. In addition, the World Health Organization has given very important information about which mask to use when.

Medical Mask / Surgical Mask

Medical, surgical masks should be used by health workers, patients with covid symptoms or those caring for covid. Citizens over 60 can also use this mask.

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Fabric mask

KovidIndividuals who do not have symptoms can use fabric masks. Congregations without symptoms can use this mask in areas where covid infection is high. So, such masks can be used even where social distance is not possible. People who come in contact with others, bank employees, hotel waiters and other employees can use this mask. Apart from that, people traveling by bus, taxi, employees at work, people going to shops can also use fabric masks.

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Equally important is the disposal of the mask

Medical or surgical mask can be used only once. After which it needs to be disposed of properly. So, fabric or cloth masks can be reused. For this, it is necessary to wash the mask with hot water after each use and dry it completely.

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