Coronavirus in Israel Masks come off as Israel vaunts Covid-19 victory | Coronavirus in Israel

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Coronavirus in Israel Masks come off as Israel vaunts Covid-19 victory | Coronavirus in Israel

Tel Aviv: While the whole world is fighting with Corona, now a very happy and comforting news is bringing a smile on everyone’s face. This is the news of a country which has bowed down to the corona that has made a name for itself in the world. After nearly a year, Israel has relaxed restrictions on the use of masks across the country. The decision comes after nearly 80 per cent of the country’s population was vaccinated. The decision was announced on Sunday. Therefore, the whole world is looking at this battle of Israel over Corona as a role model.

According to Israeli Health Minister Yuli Idelstein VaccinationSince then, the incidence of coronary heart disease has dropped significantly. That’s why restrictions have begun to be relaxed. Even though the rules have been relaxed, it will be mandatory for employees to wear masks in their offices. According to Reuters, the country, with a population of about 93 million, has so far vaccinated more than 50 million people against the corona. With the crisis looming in Israel, schools are on the way. So, tourism will be started anew in the near future.

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Vaccination changed the situation in Israel rapidly. As the number of patients admitted to hospitals decreased, so did the number of deaths. 10 thousand a day in this country till the middle of January CoronaWere found to be affected. Now the same ratio has reached 100 and 200. The main thing is that the corona infection is very much under control here, despite the fact that a large number of regulations have been relaxed. So Israel’s technique and strategy of dealing with the Corona is certainly exemplary.

The campaign to vaccinate civilians in Israel has been largely successful, and now in other nations around the world, In India It remains to be seen whether the fight against Corona will be won by making such a decision.

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