CoronaVaccine politics involved in corona vaccine distribution in Maharashtra | CoronaVaccine

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CoronaVaccine politics involved in corona vaccine distribution in Maharashtra | CoronaVaccine

New Delhi: While the wave of corona is growing at an alarming rate, on the other hand, there is confusion in the government’s policy on vaccines. Maharashtra currently has 56 per cent of the total cases in the country. That Maharashtra has received 82 lakh doses so far. On the other hand, Gujarat and Rajasthan, which have less than 3 per cent active cases, received 77 and 74 lakh doses respectively.

Is politics involved in corona vaccination?

States like Maharashtra which have been hit the hardest by corona should be given priority in dose allocation. But it doesn’t look like that from the numbers..someone is being swayed and some are being treated unfairly.

This is the distribution of corona vaccine in the country

As on April 6, 8.16 crore doses have been given in the country. Of these, 82 lakh are in Maharashtra, 77 lakh in Gujarat, 74 lakh in Rajasthan, 73 lakh in Uttar Pradesh, 66 lakh in West Bengal, 49 lakh in Karnataka, 45 lakh in Madhya Pradesh and 40 lakh in Kerala.

Gujarat or Rajasthan are among the eight states where corona is currently growing the most, but it is still followed by Maharashtra. Maharashtra alone has 56 per cent active cases in the country at present. In Gujarat, it is less than 3 per cent. However, there is not much difference between the doses of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Maharashtra 88 lakh and Gujarat 77 lakh doses have been given.

The corona wave in the country is currently growing at an alarming rate. On September 17, 97,894 corona patients were found in the country in 24 hours. This was the highest number ever. But in the last two days, Corona has set a new record. 1 lakh 15 thousand 736 new patients were found in 24 hours.

About 75 per cent of the active cases in the country are in these five states alone

  • Maharashtra- 56.1 per cent
  • Chhattisgarh – 6.22 per cent
  • Karnataka – 5.35 per cent
  • Kerala- 3.59 per cent
  • Uttar Pradesh – 3.26 per cent
  • All other states together -25.41 per cent

In fact, the number of corona doses should be increased in the five states, including Maharashtra, where the corona vaccine is still in use. The blow is falling on states like Maharashtra.

Although cases of coronavirus have increased at an alarming rate, the central government has not yet approved vaccines other than two. While demanding to make vaccination open for all, the government clarified yesterday that our policy is not for vaccination for all but for those who need it.

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