Corona’s situation in Brazil is dire, with 1 million civilians feared dead this month

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Corona’s situation in Brazil is dire, with 1 million civilians feared dead this month

Brasilia : Worldwide once again Corona is experiencing an epidemic. In Brazil, 4,195 people have died in a single day. This figure is said to be the highest compared to last year. In Brazil, the Corona situation is completely out of hand and the health system is in dire straits. Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the corona after the United States.

Brazil on Tuesday . Experts fear that if not addressed in time, more than 1 million Brazilians will die this month. Hospitals are overcrowded and in some cities patients are dying waiting for treatment. The health system is on the verge of collapse in many areas. The total death toll in the country now stands at nearly 337,000, second only to the United States. & Nbsp;

.. Brazilian President Lockdown Opposition
President Jair Bolsnaro has opposed any lockdown measures to prevent the outbreak. He argues that the damage to the economy will be worse than the consequences of the virus. Attempts are also being made to lift some of the restrictions imposed by local authorities in the courts. To date, more than 13 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in Brazil, according to the Department of Health. Corona killed 66,570 people in March. That number is double the number of deaths in the past month.

Brazil is trying to control the epidemic. However, if the epidemic is not brought under control, the world will not be safe. This is because new strains are being created here every week and these variants will spread all over the world. As a result, stopping the spread of the disease in Brazil has become a global necessity. The threat of corona has increased again in India. The spread of the corona virus began in China’s Wuhan province. The corona virus was said to have originated in a laboratory in Wuhan. However, the WHO itself has denied the allegations. The WHO estimates that the corona was transmitted to humans from animals, not from Wuhan’s lab. A report by the AP news agency reveals these things. & Nbsp;

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