corona virus vaccination in india left with vaccine stocks for just few days says 5 states | Corona vaccination

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corona virus vaccination in india left with vaccine stocks for just few days says 5 states | Corona vaccination

Corona vaccination in India The growing number of corona patients in the country is further complicating the day-to-day health systems. Corona in great excitement a few days ago to bring the corona infection under control Vaccination The campaign was undertaken. Many citizens also responded well to the vaccination campaign. But now the picture is changing.

Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh due to shortage of corona vaccines, the pace of vaccination glory has slowed down dramatically. Vaccines are being repeatedly demanded from Maharashtra to the Center, but due to some problems, many vaccination centers in the state have to be closed.

Corona Vaccine Shortage LIVE UPDATES | Jumbo Covid Vaccination Center at BKC, Mumbai closed due to lack of vaccine supply

Maharashtra– 1 crore, 61 lakh 9 thousand 190 vaccines have been given to the state by the Center so far. Out of which 91 lakh 18 thousand 350 vaccines have been used. After this now only 14-15 lakhs in the state VaccinesChach stocks are in balance. Therefore, the state is constantly demanding supply of vaccines to the Center.

Odisha- The central government has so far supplied 43 lakh 44 thousand 140 vaccines to Odisha. Out of this 37 lakh 87 thousand 520 vaccines have been used and now there are only 5 lakh 56 thousand 620 vaccines left in the state. About 72,000 people are being vaccinated here every day.

Maharashtra Corona Vaccine Shortage: vaccine scarcity; Vaccination stopped in Navi Mumbai, Panvel till supply due to depletion of stocks!

Madhya Pradesh- In Madhya Pradesh too, 58 lakh 19 thousand 530 vaccines were provided by the Center while the coronavirus was spreading more rapidly. After which only 8 lakh 6 thousand 230 vaccines are left in the state.

Uttar Pradesh- The Center supplied 92 lakh 9 thousand 330 vaccines to Uttar Pradesh. Out of this 83 lakh 24 thousand 950 vaccines were used. As a result, 8 lakh 84 thousand 380 vaccines are left here. Every day 3 lakh 50 thousand citizens are being vaccinated here.

Uttarakhand- So far 13 lakh 36 thousand 100 vaccines have been given to Uttarakhand by the Central Government. Out of which, 11 lakh 66 thousand 930 vaccines were used here. At present, stocks of vaccines in the state are on the verge of depletion.

To a lesser extent in the states Corona Although stocks of preventive vaccines remain, stocks at some vaccination centers are completely depleted, forcing citizens to return without vaccinations.

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