Corona treatment Maharashtra appeal Center more vaccines Gujarat despite more population in Maharashtra

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Corona treatment Maharashtra appeal Center more vaccines Gujarat despite more population in Maharashtra

Mumbai : Corona has taken a serious turn in Maharashtra. Strict restrictions have been imposed in the state till April 30 to break the corona chain. Fast to stop the corona Vaccination Needs to happen. Ashaat in the state today Lack of vaccine Has come to the fore. On the other hand, statistics show that Maharashtra is being treated unfairly by the Center in terms of vaccine supply.

Gujarat has about half the population of Maharashtra. Maharashtra also has the highest number of corona patients in the country. In such a situation, Gujarat has been given the highest dose after Maharashtra. Gujarat has 77 lakh doses so far, Rajasthan 74 lakh, Uttar Pradesh 73 lakh, West Bengal 66 lakh, Karnataka 49 lakh, Madhya Pradesh 45 lakh, Kerala 40 lakh. The highest dose of 82 lakh vaccines has been given in Maharashtra. However, comparing the population and the number of corona-infected patients, it is clear from the statistics that Maharashtra is not getting the same amount of vaccines.

..So low dose to Maharashtra
The highest corona infection in the country is increasing in eight states. These include Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. What is special is that it does not include Gujarat. Maharashtra alone accounts for 56 per cent of the country’s cases. Only 82 lakh doses have been given to that Maharashtra. Gujarat, which has less than three per cent cases, has so far received 77 lakh doses. From this, it is clear that the Center is dealing with Maharashtra.

Vaccine shortage in Maharashtra
“There are 14 lakh doses of vaccine in Maharashtra and we fear that this stock will last for only three days Rajesh Tope It has demanded the Center to supply 40 lakh vaccines per week. Maharashtra has 14 lakh doses of vaccine in stock, which is in stock for three days. Compared to five lakh, this dose will be completed in three days and vaccination in Maharashtra may be stopped. That is why at least 40 lakh vaccines should be supplied every week. Today we are four and a half to five lakhs. But I guarantee to go up to six lakh a day in two days, “he said.” It is not that the central government is not sending vaccines but the pace is slow. We have to tell the central government that it is not done in a challenging manner, “said Rajesh Tope.

Talking to media, Health Minister Rajesh Tope also appealed not to use the word lockdown. There is a lockdown only on Saturdays and Sundays. He also clarified that there are only restrictions for the rest of the day. “If necessary, we will reduce the amount of oxygen to zero for the industry, we will shut down the steel plants that require oxygen, but we will not allow oxygen to be depleted.” That is what Rajesh Tope said this time. If you notice any symptoms, get tested immediately. Health Minister Rajesh Tope also appealed to the people not to remove the pain on the body.

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