Corona Immunity Woman gives birth first known baby antibodies against coronavirus doctors say

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Corona Immunity Woman gives birth first known baby antibodies against coronavirus doctors say

New York: A unique baby has been born in the world, according to a claim made by a pediatrician in the United States. The Corona epidemic is currently sweeping the globe. In the same way, the deadly corona virus has spread all over the world. But, the claims made by pediatricians in the US have yielded a positive information. According to their claim, the body of this newborn baby born in the United States has antibodies to the corona virus. CoronaThis is the first time a baby has been born with antibodies to. Meanwhile, the mother of this newborn baby was given the first dose of corona vaccine during pregnancy.

According to research published on MedArchive, which publishes ePrint related to health sciences, the baby’s mother was given a dose of Mordana vaccine at 36 weeks of gestation. Three weeks after the vaccine was given, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby. His blood samples were taken after the baby was born. In which antibodies were found in the baby’s blood. Meanwhile, this research has not yet been reviewed. Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnik, co-authors of Atlantic University in Florida, USA, said this is the first case of corona antibodies being found in the body of a newborn baby.

Both the mother and the baby are safe and the baby’s mother is breastfeeding the baby regularly. Also, according to the rules, the baby’s mother will be given a second dose of the vaccine after 28 days. An earlier study had found that CoronaThe umbilical cord attached to the mother was said to be failing to deliver antibodies to the body of the baby in the womb of the freed pregnant women. Similarly, the new research suggests that if the mother is vaccinated with corona, it is more likely that corona antibodies will enter the baby’s body. So baby CoronaIt also reduces the risk of infection.

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