Corona | 90 per cent Hindi series out of state due to 15-day curfew?

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Corona | 90 per cent Hindi series out of state due to 15-day curfew?

Mumbai: The utmost care, the assurance given to the state government of corona tests, the readiness shown for it on the one hand and the permission given to the IPL in the state on the other hand, the permission given for filming news channels in the state and most importantly, If the original content from the series is shut down, the spectators who have regained it after the first lockdown are afraid of going to the IPL. As a result, Hindi serials started in and around Mumbai have now gone abroad. Leading the way are Goa and Andhra Pradesh. But no one is ready to comment on it officially. All the Hindi channels have given the producers the option to go out for many series. On condition of anonymity, a senior union official said: RTPCR was made mandatory. In addition, it was decided to perform antigen tests every week. Reports were being sent that way. With so much care, filming in Bread the Chain was stopped. At the same time, the IPL, on the other hand, is allowed. Shooting of series and movies has been stopped while news channels have been allowed to shoot. Our set of filming is fixed and controlled. Not so with news channels. There are also many coronaviruses. Either way we have the challenge of the IPL. In order to do that, we have to give our audience a small amount of original content. Otherwise, our spectators will go back to the IPL. Then we will have to struggle to turn it around again. & Nbsp;

All this has taken a break in Maharashtra. Now all the finances are not going to stop. Moreover, there is uncertainty in the state. So the straightforward out-of-state option is being considered. After the talk of lockdown in Maharashtra started today, many Hindi film-series have moved their shootings to Goa. Today, there are 16 shootings in Goa, not just one or two. In addition, about 90 percent of daily soaps are out of state today. “Many other channels are offering this option to the producers,” he said. It offers various concessions, more facilities, an organization-free environment, assurance of various permissions to be obtained immediately and readiness to give concessions in rates. In view of all this, the channels have started thinking of keeping at least three of their series out of Mumbai permanently. Of course, no channel has commented on this. According to the information received, Ekta Kapoor has moved all her series to Goa. Zee has taken its daily soaps to Jaipur and Goa. Star Plus has moved most of its daily soaps to Hyderabad. & Nbsp; In addition, the series will also get a new option. If the state government changes its role, these shows will come back to the state as the sets of all these series are standing in Mumbai, said a producer on condition of anonymity. & Nbsp;

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