Congrss mp rajeev satav slams sanjay raut

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Congrss mp rajeev satav slams sanjay raut

New Delhi: On the one hand, the Congress is eager for Rahul Gandhi’s return to the presidency, while on the other hand, MP Sanjay Raut is constantly pushing for Sharad Pawar’s name for the UPA presidency. After Sanjay Raut’s statement once again, there has been a strong reaction from the Congress faction. Congress MP Rajiv Satav also tweeted in this regard. “Outside congregations should come to UPA first..then let’s take note of the votes”, Tola Satav has given to Sanjay Raut.

Congress MP Rajiv Satav said, “Currently, there are some delicate issues in Maharashtra. The Congress party is cooperating to resolve the issues in the state amicably.” The rest is UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and will remain so. Outsiders should join the UPA to take note of their views.

The Congress is not angry with Pawar’s name. On the contrary, only a few people in the Congress express such a desire. Raut said that he also wants the UPA to be strong .But then Congress state president Nana Patole said that Sanjay Raut should stop talking about this issue now. And now MP Rajiv Satav has also given a tola to Sanjay Raut.

Whenever Sanjay Raut says that Pawar should accept the UPA presidency, in a way, the discussion of Rahul Gandhi’s failure starts. Because only the Congress president has been accepting the presidency of the UPA. On the one hand, while Congressmen are trying to get Rahul Gandhi to accept the Congress presidency immediately, the question is whether this statement by Sanjay Raut casts doubt on Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

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