congress sonia gandhi on farm laws: krishi kanoon what sonia gandhi said on repeating farm laws: The sacrifice of more than 700 farmer families paid off… Defeat of dictators: Sonia

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congress sonia gandhi on farm laws: krishi kanoon what sonia gandhi said on repeating farm laws: The sacrifice of more than 700 farmer families paid off… Defeat of dictators: Sonia


  • On the repeal of the agriculture law, Sonia said – today truth, justice and non-violence have won
  • Where, today the sacrifice of more than 700 farmer families paid off
  • Congress party will celebrate Kisan Vijay Diwas on November 20

New Delhi
Congress President Sonia Gandhi has termed the government’s decision to repeal three controversial agriculture laws as a victory for farmers and defeat for “dictatorial rulers”. He said on Friday that it is hoped that the Narendra Modi government will take some lessons from this for the future. The Congress party will celebrate ‘Kisan Vijay Diwas’ on November 20 in view of the announcement of repeal of agricultural laws. She will hold rallies across the country.

Read what Sonia said
Sonia said that the Prime Minister should ensure Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers and talk to the state governments, opposition parties and other concerned parties before taking any big step like agricultural laws in future.
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Sonia Gandhi said in a statement, ‘After almost 12 months of Gandhian agitation, today the struggle and willpower of 62 crore food donors-farmers-farm laborers of the country has won. Today, the sacrifices of more than 700 farmer families have paid off, whose families have laid down their lives in this struggle for justice. Today truth, justice and non-violence have won.

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Targeting the central government, he said, “Today the anti-farmer-labour conspiracy woven by the people in power has also been defeated and the arrogance of the dictatorial rulers too.” Today the conspiracy to attack livelihood and agriculture was also defeated. Today all three anti-farming laws were defeated and Annadata won.

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The Congress President claimed, ‘The BJP government has continuously attacked agriculture in different ways. Whether it is a matter of discontinuing the bonus given to the farmer as soon as the BJP government is formed, or there is a conspiracy to abolish the law by bringing an ordinance on the fair compensation of the farmer’s land. Whether it is refusal to give 50 percent profit over and above the cost to the farmer, or there is a huge increase in the cost of diesel and agricultural products, or the attack of three black anti-farming laws.

He said, “Today, when the average farmer’s income has been reduced to Rs 27 per day and the average debt on the farmer of the country is Rs 74,000, then the government and every person need to rethink how farming becomes a profitable deal in the true sense.” . How does the farmer get the right price for his crop i.e. SMP?

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According to Sonia Gandhi, ‘The farmer and the farm laborer do not suffer torture, do not even beg, they want justice and rights. It is the duty of all of us and also our constitutional responsibility. In a democracy, any decision should be taken only after discussion, with the consent of all the affected people and after consultation with the opposition. Hope the Modi government has at least learned something for the future.

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He said, ‘I hope that the Prime Minister and the BJP government will leave their pride and arrogance and pay attention to implementing the policies of farmers’ welfare, will ensure MSP and before taking any such step in future, the state governments, farmers’ organizations and opposition parties will be consulted. Consensus will be made.

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