congress leader jitin prasad join bjp: jitin prasada join bjp after jyotiraditya challenge for rahul gandhi congress before up election

congress leader jitin prasad join bjp: jitin prasada join bjp after jyotiraditya challenge for rahul gandhi congress before up election

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Everything is not going well in Congress, today once again this thing has come out in front. Jitin Prasada left Congress and joined BJP. This is a setback for the Congress ahead of the UP elections, as well as very disturbing news for Rahul Gandhi. Of the four leaders who have been considered close to Rahul for years, now two have left the party. When Rahul Gandhi became the Congress President, these four leaders were closest to him and they were also discussed a lot.

Bigger blow to Rahul Gandhi than Congress

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasada, Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora – these are the four names who remained close to Rahul Gandhi for years. Whenever there was a discussion about Rahul Gandhi’s youth team, it would definitely be mentioned. They were seen together on several occasions, both inside and outside the Parliament. Now only two are left with Rahul Gandhi in this quartet. The big question is that how long will these two also be able to support Rahul because the hope of reviving the Congress, which is battered in front of the huge BJP, is being blown up again and again and the election of the new Congress President is postponed on some pretext or the other. being given.

Jitin Prasad News: In 2019, Jitin Prasad had returned from the way on Priyanka’s call, now took BJP’s hand before the UP elections
Two friends left in the quartet, they are also angry
Everyone saw what happened in Rajasthan last year. This feud is not over yet. The smoke from the internal fire that broke out last year is yet to be seen. Sachin Pilot, who rebelled against his own Chief Minister in Rajasthan, remained with the party after a lot of hard work, but his displeasure has not diminished. What is going on between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, this thing is hardly hidden from anyone. Despite lakhs of efforts on the part of the Congress high command, the matter has not been completely resolved and Sachin Pilot has been expressing his displeasure time and again in different ways.

Jitin Prasad also separated from Congress

Deora is looking fierce
The second name that has survived among the close friends of Rahul Gandhi is that of Milind Deora. If we look at the last few statements of Deora, it will be difficult to rule out the possibility that he may also show his thumb to Rahul. Whether it is questioning Rahul Gandhi’s stand on the India-China issue or the statement given about the coalition government in Maharashtra with Shiv Sena-NCP, Deora seems to be fuming from inside.

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Jitin Prasad in BJP: Jitin Prasada, close to Rahul, left ‘Hand’, joined BJP, told this reason behind saying goodbye to Congress
Rahul’s challenge will increase
The present times are very challenging for the Congress. At a time when the party is unable to decide for itself the next president, the young leaders moving one by one to the opposing camp is causing the crisis to escalate manifold. Even after the victory in Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot was marginalized, on the other hand, after the formation of the Kamal Nath government, Jyotiraditya Scindia also kept waiting to gain prestige within the party. The result was that Jyotiraditya took the lotus and Congress lost power in Madhya Pradesh.

Pilot broke silence after 10 months, said- half term is over but issues still unresolved
After the displeasure of Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, the government there was also shaken. While a section of Congress is already angry, on the other hand the leaders close to Rahul Gandhi are leaving the party. In such a situation, the challenge will increase not only for Congress but also for Rahul Gandhi.

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