Cold shower: If you are a heart patient, then do not take a bath with cold water, know how the temperature of the water should be for bathing

Cold shower: If you are a heart patient, then do not take a bath with cold water, know how the temperature of the water should be for bathing

Bathing with cold water is the best treatment for many diseases. While many people also like to take bath with hot water, which is called hot water therapy. But has it ever happened that you have felt thermal shock after taking a bath in cold water? Actually, everyone has a personal preference for the temperature of the bath water. Dwayne the Roc Johnson has shared his washing habits with the people.

Johnson, a professional wrestler-turned-actor, takes three approaches to the daily bathing routine. A cold shower, a hot shower and then a hot shower one more time. So should you also follow this rule of ‘The Rock’? Is cold and hot shower really good for health? Let us know which of the two is good for you and how it can affect your heart and mind.

Is cold water good for health

According to experts, be a little cautious before taking a bath with cold water. The Cleveland Clinic reports exercise physiologist Zach Carter. Carter explains that bathing in cold water is not a magical cure for all ailments. According to him, when we take a bath with cold water, our first reaction is to walk away from it. It is almost as if our body makes the system switch to cervical mode.

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The shock from cold water puts your circulatory system into overdrive. All the necessary organs are located here. Here the blood starts flowing rapidly to maintain the heat. It stops the circulation near your skin. This stimulation of blood flow is good for your overall health.

Do not take a bath after doing these 5 things

can cold water reduce weight

The fitness expert has also rubbished claims of cold showers causing weight loss. According to him, a 10-minute walk is better instead. Based on the facts, experts have said that the body’s increased response to cold water temporarily speeds up the metabolic rate, expends energy and burns extra calories.

Carter advises with the caveat that the benefits of cold showers are very limited, so don’t try to lose weight by taking a cold shower. A clinical trial in the Netherlands found that cold water reduced sick people to work by 29 percent.

Bathing everyday in winter can be heavy, no bath has many benefits

If you have heart disease, do not take bath with cold water.

According to Carter, if you have any heart disease, then bathing in cold water is risky. Your body’s response to cold water has a greater effect on the heart and can cause irregular heart beats. It is very dangerous for your heart.

Experts give advice on bathing like this

If you also want to take a cold shower, you should give your body some time to adjust as you lower the temperature of the water. Experts recommend that you should start your bath with lukewarm water and then move on to cold water. You may get some good responses in the first 30 seconds, but after three minutes the benefits start to fade.

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Hot water shower can damage the skin

Dr. Garden Bay, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford University, told TODAY that hot water baths are very harmful to the skin. While it is good enough to clean greasy utensils. People with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis are also prone to aggravate itching from hot water baths. While bathing with cold water tightens and can reduce redness. Dr. Bey says that if you are a healthy person, then bathing with cold water every day is much better for the skin.

Muscle tension can be relieved by taking a cold water bath, but people who are prone to heart attack or stroke should avoid it. They should think about bathing with room temperature or lukewarm water only.

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