cm shivraj new osd: cm shivraj made osd to tushar panchal who tweeted against pm modi, congress claims

cm shivraj new osd: cm shivraj made osd to tushar panchal who tweeted against pm modi, congress claims


  • Tushar Panchal will be the new OSD of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan
  • Tushar Panchal is watching the social media of Shivraj Singh Chouhan since 2015
  • Congress surrounded Shivraj by sharing Tushar’s old tweet
  • Tusshar had tweeted against PM Modi and BJP

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appointed Tushar Panchal as his new OSD. In this regard, an order has been issued by the government on Monday night. Tusshar is a resident of Mumbai. Since 2015, CM is handling the social media of Shivraj. They have been appointed on contract basis. Tushar is said to be an expert in war room communication. Tushar will be the OSD in CM’s office.

At the same time, after Tushar became OSD, Congress surrounded CM Shivraj. Congress has shared some old tweets of Tusshar, in which he has written against PM Modi. Congress has attacked CM Shivraj through these tweets. Congress has written that ‘Shivraj waged war against Modi, made OSD a fierce opponent of Modi. Shivraj has made his OSD to those who ridicule Modi on social media, belittle his stature and make unpardonable remarks on BJP’s principles.

It is being told that Tusshar is associated with CM Shivraj since 2015. In 2018, the responsibility of the election campaign was also with Tushar. When BJP was ousted from power in MP for 18 months, Tushar was handling Shivraj’s social media. During this, he had given an edge to the aggressive campaign against Kamal Nath. Tushar Panchal was with him even when Shivraj returned to power for the fourth time.

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According to the information received from the sources, the image of the government has been hurt during the Corona period. In such a situation, Tushar Panchal will do the work of making it up. Tushar has worked in major communication companies of the country. However, there has been no response from the BJP on the allegations of Congress.

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