class 9th student missing his school bus: school bus miss hone par betul me 9th ke student ne uthaya ghatak kadam

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class 9th student missing his school bus: school bus miss hone par betul me 9th ke student ne uthaya ghatak kadam


  • IX student hanged in Betul district of MP
  • Student was in shock after missing school bus
  • Had returned home crying, after that hanged behind the house
  • After getting information about the incident, the police started investigating the matter.

In Betul (Betul Today News) district of MP, a student of class IX has taken a fatal step after missing a school bus. Crying in school uniform, the student went to the back of the house. After this he hanged himself on the mango tree. Seeing the child swinging on the tree, there was chaos in the family. After the incident, the people of the village informed the police. Family members told that he was very punctual about the time.

On Tuesday, police said that the student was upset after missing the school bus. In shock, he hangs on the noose. The incident is from Amdoh village of Ghoradongri police post area. It is about 40 km away from Betul district headquarter. On Monday morning, a 14-year-old schoolboy had left home to go to school but has missed his school bus. His family members said that he was very strict about school. Never missed school. He was in shock after he missed the bus.

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The family members told the police that he returned home crying after missing the bus. After some time he is found hanging on a tree located behind the house. The uncle of the deceased told that he was very good in studies. He was found hanging on a mango tree. He was wearing the school uniform.

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At the same time, some people are alleging that the accident happened due to this private bus. People said that the student used to go to school by private bus. But that day the conductor did not stop the bus. So the student could not go to school. The police will also interrogate the bus conductor.

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