Chinese University Protest in Hungary: Protest Against China in Hungary against Fudan university all you want to know

Chinese University Protest in Hungary: Protest Against China in Hungary against Fudan university all you want to know

The anger of the people against the campus of the Chinese university being built in Hungary is increasing. Thousands of people have gheraoed the Parliament building in protest on Saturday. Seeing the anger of the people, the mayor of the capital Budapest has renamed the streets near the proposed Fudan University campus. These roads have been named Free Hong Kong Road, Dalai Lama Road, Uighur Martyrs Road and Bishop Xie Shiguang Road to express their anger against China. Not only this, names that provoke China have been written by placing boards on these roads.

Thousands march to Parliament in Budapest
On this Saturday, in the Hungarian capital Budapest, thousands of people marched to parliament in protest against the campus of Fudan University of China. People say that China will work through its university to spread communist ideology in their country. Not only this, the construction of this campus will reduce the standard of higher education in Hungary.
Protest against Chinese Fudan University campus in Budapest (1).

Hungarian nationalist government buried by China’s debt
The Hungarian government and China have a very strong relationship. Despite being a nationalist party, the Hungarian government does not want to anger communist China for investment. Due to the opposition of the people, the construction work of this university has been affected. The campus of this university is being built at a cost of about $1.8 billion. This amount is many times more than the total budget spent on education in Hungary last year. But, due to the increasing protests of the people, the difficulties of the Hungarian government have increased.

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Rebellion in these two countries of Europe against China, at one place, thousands of people took to the streets and surrounded Parliament
What is China’s intention to open universities?
People claim that China wants to spread communist ideology in Europe through this university. The Budapest campus of the university is said to be ready by 2024. The plan is supported by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The campus will admit international students and will be the first Chinese university campus in the European Union of 27 countries.

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