China Quantum Supercomputer: China Quantum Supercomputer: China’s Quantum Supercomputer

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China Quantum Supercomputer: China Quantum Supercomputer: China’s Quantum Supercomputer

A team of researchers from China has claimed that they have set a new record in quantum computing. He claims that his new computer is more powerful than any computer that came before. Even better than Google. Researchers have claimed in a preprint printed in arXiv that their quantum computer is capable of solving problems with the help of 56 out of 66 qubits.

Classical computers cannot solve questions
Google’s Sycamore processor, on the other hand, has 54 qubits. In 2019, Google claimed that their computers had achieved quantum supremacy for the first time. That is, quantum computers can do all such questions which classical computers cannot. Google claimed that their computer solved the problem in 3.5 minutes, which would have taken 10,000 years for the most powerful conventional supercomputer.

China has also made a similar claim. He says that Zuchongzhi completed the sampling task in 70 minutes, which would have taken the most powerful supercomputer 8 years to do. Researchers say that the task that had to be solved was 100 times more difficult than the task found by Google’s Sycamore.

quantum satellite
The Chinese Academy of Sciences said that in the year 2017, China had launched a quantum communication satellite which is not hackable and is equipped with state-of-the-art security features. The following year, China inaugurated a 2,000-km-long ‘hack-proof’ quantum communication line between the country’s capital Beijing and economic headquarters Shanghai.

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