China attacks Taiwan 2021: War News, China attacks Taiwan 2021, Will US Army respond to attack

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China attacks Taiwan 2021: War News, China attacks Taiwan 2021, Will US Army respond to attack


  • In the event of war with Taiwan, China will turn off the signals of US Army Base
  • With this, America will not be able to get information about the attack, there will be a delay in retaliation
  • China is aggressive about Taiwan, has warned America many times

Tensions are increasing between the US and China over Taiwan. A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden held a summit. During this too, Jinping had reiterated in a strict tone after the merger of Taiwan with China. At the same time, China has warned America many times not to play with fire. Now Taiwanese and American experts have warned that the Chinese military is exploring new ways to stop communications with the US military base. After these warnings of experts, the concern of the whole world has increased.

China preparing to jam the network of US military bases
US military expert David Runciman told host Cindy Yu in a podcast that blocking communications at US bases could cause significant damage to the military. Not only this, the Chinese army can take military steps in many other ways. So that the US could not retaliate in the event of a war with Taiwan. For example, China’s People’s Liberation Army is looking into how to block communications from US bases in the region.

Biden Xi Talks: Jinping roared on Taiwan issue in meeting with Biden, said – whoever plays with fire, will get burnt
US Army will not be able to retaliate
He told that if there is an attack by the Chinese army, then the US army will not be able to retaliate due to the communication shutdown. In such a situation, the US military base will not be able to get information about the situation. Due to which it can become very difficult to conduct any mission. China has the Guam Naval Base of the US Army. Apart from this, the US Army’s long-range strategic bomber can also operate from Diego Garcia. There are also US military bases in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which are very close to China.

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China Taiwan Tension: China is upgrading three airbases near Taiwan, is there any final preparation for the attack?
Taiwan deployed F-16 fighter jets on China border
Taiwan has deployed its advanced F-16V fighter aircraft on the border amid rising tensions with China. This fighter aircraft is an upgraded version of America’s F-16. After the deployment of this aircraft, Taiwan’s Air Force will get a lot of strength. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday commissioned 64 upgraded F-16V fighter jets into service at an air force base in Chiayi. These aircraft are part of a total of 141 F-16 A/B jets of the Taiwan Air Force. The aircraft was modeled in the late 1990s, with plans to upgrade the entire fleet of F-16 A/B aircraft before 2023.

China will not determine the future of Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen roared to show the dragon the military power
Chinese fighter planes continuously entering Taiwan
Last October 1 i.e. China’s National Day, 25 fighter aircraft, bombers and other aircraft of the Chinese Air Force violated Taiwanese airspace. The extent was reached when some 56 aircraft of China entered the Taiwanese border simultaneously. It was the largest incursion of Chinese fighter jets into Taiwan. During this, the planes of the Taiwanese Air Force also came face to face with the fighter planes of China.

China Taiwan: China threatens punishment, Taiwan’s befitting reply – We have rule of law, not Beijing
Rapidly changing situation around Taiwan
As the conflict between China and Taiwan intensifies, so are the threats to the peace and stability of the region. The balance of power around Taiwan is also changing rapidly. With this, the future of the decades-long standoff is beginning to look more dire. Taiwan has now emerged as the center of deep strife between China and the US, which has been the flag of protest against the unification demands of China’s communist rulers for more than 70 years.

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America’s military power decreasing in Asia
Former US Assistant Secretary of State Danny Russell said there was very little insulation left on the wires in the relationship. Meaning the spark generated by it can take the form of a big fire at any time. Just a small act can lead to a terrible war between the two countries. The Chinese military has openly reiterated the aftermath of attacking and occupying Taiwan. America wants to thwart any attack on Taiwan. But, he knows that his military power in Asia is steadily weakening.

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