Chhorii Movie Review in Hindi- Movie Review

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Chhorii Movie Review in Hindi- Movie Review

Witness is 8 months pregnant. Hemant is her husband. Both are very happy in their lives. Hemant is a businessman. Is in debt. Can’t pay. He is threatened with dire consequences if he does not pay. Due to this fear, the couple leaves their home and shifts to an unknown place, so that they can stay safe and get some time to manage the money. Both are in their driver’s village. This village is haunted by ghosts. There is a history of the village, in which many horrible stories are buried.

Nusrat Bharucha’s ‘Chhori’ is a horror film. It’s scary. But at the same time it gives an important message. Coming to the climax, this film leaves a lump in your throat. Female feticide and the inhumane practice of feticide strike with full force. Many horror movies have been released on the OTT platform in the last few months. Many of these have acted to intimidate the audience. While this film has come up with a story that is scary as well as a relevant story that stays with you. Director Vishal Furia has spoken on an issue which is not only burning, but also requires discussion and debate. The performance of the actors of the film leaves an impression. At the same time, the flavor of horror is also effective. ‘Chhori’ is an entertaining film, which also makes us think about the evils of our society.

Talking about the details of the story of the film and the horror in it would mean giving a spoiler about the film. So what is important to know is that there is a pregnant woman. There is a desolate house. There are children and there is a village where very few people live. There are not many characters in the film, so the on-screen story is full of thrills and shocking scenes. As a spectator, ‘Chhori’ keeps you hooked.

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There is a village in the plot of the film. The setup is good and you think it’s real. Many scary scenes have been created in the film by the movement of the camera. At one point you realize that the camera is also a character in the film. Cinematographer Anshul Chobe has done a tremendous and difficult looking job with the camera. Especially the work of creating fear and tension in the audience by placing the camera as a character in the story is commendable. There are many scenes in the film where you will get angry and sad. There is a similar scene where there are corpses of many children in a dry well. Or the scene when three dead children tell Suneni that they will take care of her newborn.

It feels good to see an actress like Mita Vashishtha on screen. The casting of such actors by the new age directors touches the heart. Mita Vashisht has been a part of the industry since 1989. He has acted in films like ‘Drohakal’, ‘Drishti’ and ‘Kasba’, but you feel that despite all these, the industry did not give him his due. Thankfully, ‘Chhori’ brings them back into the limelight. Mita has given an amazing performance in the role of Bhano Devi. They become bad on screen when needed and also become caring when the scene demands it.

At the center of ‘Chhori’ is the character of Nusrat Bharucha. She has done good and attractive work as a pregnant woman witness. Hiding in a deserted village, she survives the struggle of a mother to save her family and her unborn child from trouble. Nusrat had made his debut in the industry with ‘Pyar Ka Panchnama’. As an actress, she has performed various challenging roles in the last few years, which is commendable. ‘Chhori’ is a film in Nusrat’s career, which is one of his most difficult roles as an actress. He has done his job with complete sincerity.

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Saurabh Goyal looks natural in the role of Hemant, but the screenplay has not given much chance to his character. In the role of Kajla, Rajesh Jais has less screen time than Mita, but he leaves an impression. Vishal Furia has remade his own Marathi film ‘Lapchapi’ in Hindi. ‘Chhori’ succeeds in scaring like her original film.

However, it is not that the film does not have flaws. Hemant’s character could have been written in a better way. Half a film goes by and you understand who he is. There is a scene when they are attacked and then they disappear completely. After this, Hemant’s entry in the film takes place in the climax. The character of Rajesh Jais should have got more screen time, because he is also a partner in crime.

The film focuses on a social evil female feticide. However, the director has not mentioned the name of the state, but you understand that Haryana is being talked about here. A state with the worst record of this inhumane practice. ‘Chhori’ is a film that is thrilling, scary. If we talk about horror genre then this movie comes like a gust of wind and leaves you feeling scared on weekends.


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