Career Coaching Today: Forget the Corporate Ladder and Find Yourself

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Career Coaching Today: Forget the Corporate Ladder and Find Yourself

“Therapy helps people address unfinished business, such as trauma and habits that we have trouble breaking,” said Terence Maltbia, faculty director of the Coaching Certificate Program at Columbia. “Coaching has always had an element of helping people find their purpose, but the pandemic has exacerbated that aspect of it.”

This paradigm shift is seeping into the corporate domain where finding one’s true purpose in life has not always been seen as a priority. Katie Burke, chief public officer of HubSpot, a Boston-based software company, said her company’s human resources department encourages employees to tap into their innermost desires and go around — and not necessarily. UP – chain of orders.

“If you’re trying to think about how to stop people from finding their passion,” she said, “you’re basically doing it the wrong way.”

The questions Rana Rosen asks her clients are both practical (“What’s the next micro-step?”) and are geared at “opening the knot” and “finding your deepest truth,” such as: “Tell me who you are. jealous,” or, “Tell me what you do when you’re distracted?”

Ms. Rosen and the company she founded are “after all,” highly sought after by media professionals, some of whom are looking to escape the contract industry. The editors of the magazine pass off her phone number as if it were the secret reservation hotline of a busy restaurant. (For her part, Ms. Rosen defined her popularity as “a habit of seeing the essence of people”.)

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Ms. Rosen, who recently moved from New York to Dover, Del., two of the most popular programs are “Align” ($555), which she calls “a brief deep dive” and “Powerful” (ongoing, $333) per month), which includes greater access to Ms. Rosen and the regular exchange of text and voice memos.

In conversations with over a dozen career coaches, all said the pandemic has profoundly changed the way they look for clients. Ms Rosen said she has noticed a new sense of resilience in many workers. “I think people are more open to taking the perceived risk of finding work they like and care about,” she said.

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