Capitol Hill Riots : US Court Sentenced Capitol Rioter Qanon Shaman To 41 Months In Prison

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Capitol Hill Riots : US Court Sentenced Capitol Rioter Qanon Shaman To 41 Months In Prison

A man has been sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the attacks on the US Parliament Capitol Hill. A federal judge has sentenced Qian Shaman for his role in the riots. In pictures and videos that surfaced on January 6, ‘Qian Shaman’ can be seen in a strange outfit and a horned cap. Prosecutors asked US District Judge Royce Lamberth to sentence Jacob Chansley to 51 months.

In January, during the process of making Biden officially president, a large number of Donald Trump supporters attacked Capitol Hill. Trump was criticized for this act worldwide. Many global leaders called it a ‘dark day’ in the history of the world’s oldest democracy. Prosecutors said Chancellor has now become the public face of the Capitol Hill riots.
Twitter did not remove the ban, Donald Trump will launch his own social media network Truth Social
140 policemen were injured
Chansley’s sentencing sets a benchmark for the more than 100 accused who have been charged with the January 6 riots. Four people were killed and 140 policemen were injured in the violence. Chansley was taken into custody in January. He appeared in court in a dark green prison jumpsuit with a beard and shaved head. Chancellor’s lawyers had asked the judge for a “time sentence” for his client.

Chansley suffering from personality disorder
While in prison, officers helped Chansley with depression and bipolar disorder. Chancellor said she was disappointed that Trump did not forgive her. Defense lawyer Albert Watkins told the US Navy in 2006 that Chansley suffered from personality disorder. But then he was declared ‘fit for duty’.

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