Cañete: Gore Lima recognizes wine producers who won international competition | News

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Cañete: Gore Lima recognizes wine producers who won international competition | News

The district of Lunahuaná, in the Lima province of Cañete, brought together the main wine producers and recognized exhibitors of this chain, during the IV Regional Congress of Pisco – Lima 2021, promoted by the regional governor of Lima, Ricardo Chavarría Oria.

The objective and priority of the activity were to promote the area and promote economic reactivation and promote the Tourism sector in the southern part of the city.

During the development of the IV Congress, the Regional Government of Lima socialized issues related to the current situation of the wine production chain in the country, affected by the health emergency; diagnosis of the productive chain in the Lima region; quality criteria in the production of pisco and from the terroir to the production of pisco ”.

The regional manager of Economic Development, Fredy Gamarra Concepción, recognized the winning wine entrepreneurs of the International Competition Awards Virtus Lisboa 2021 (Portugal).

In this regard, he highlighted the producers Alberto Salvador Di, Laura Viccina and Edwin William Villanueva Ormeño (Agroindustrias Vallesol SAC) and Martín Santa María Fernández Stoll (Monte Grande EIRL).

Also to Hirma Velásquez Santillán (Inversiones Sotomayor Velásquez SAC); Augusto Carlos Sánchez Portuguez (Bodega y Viñedos La Rinconada SAC) and Rossmery Vicente (Vitivinícola Puro Jita).



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Published: 9/27/2021

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