California fires forced people to leave homes

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California fires forced people to leave homes

Beckworth (US), Jul 10 (AP) Fires spread over 200 square miles of wilderness in California, forcing people in the state to migrate to Nevada on Friday as strong winds and heat continue to spread. .

Fire Information Officer Lisa Cox said on Friday evening that the fire at Beckworth had taken a “great form”. Winds gusting up to 32 kmph have further intensified the fire.

While there are no confirmed reports of damage to buildings from the fire, it has led to orders or warnings to evacuate hundreds of homes and several camps in California.

At present only 11 percent of the forest fires can be controlled. About 1,000 firefighters with the help of planes are trying to douse the blaze but due to low humidity and warm air, the fire is expected to spread further.

Meanwhile, meteorologists have predicted a severe heatwave in California. Death Valley National Park recorded a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed an emergency declaration Friday suspending some services to allow the state to get additional power.

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