c-60 force: C-60 special force latest news: C-60 special commando force

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c-60 force: C-60 special force latest news: C-60 special commando force

In Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli, 26 Naxalites were killed in a major action against Naxalites on Saturday. It has been considered a major success of the C-60 unit. Four jawans have also been injured in this encounter. Earlier in the year 2018, the C-60 unit had killed 39 Naxalites. The Naxalites took their revenge in the year 2019 and 15 jawans of C-60 unit were martyred in the attack. Overall, the Naxalites consider the C-60 unit as their biggest enemy. Let us know why this unit is so special:

Established in 1992
Keeping in mind the Naxal threats, the C-60 Commando Force was formed in 1992. Special 60 personnel of the police force are involved in this. This work was done by the then SP of Gadchiroli, K.P. Raghuvanshi did it. The policemen in the C-60 are also prepared for guerrilla warfare. Their training is done in Hyderabad, Bihar and Nagpur.

carry 15 kg weight
This force is considered to be the best force of Maharashtra. On the basis of intelligence inputs every morning, this force carries out operations in the surrounding area. C-60 personnel carry a load of about 15 kg with them. In which apart from weapons, food, water, first aid and other items are included.

Adivasi only commando
This is the only force that has been prepared at the district level. For this, people are taken from the tribal population there because like the Naxalites, they are also familiar with that area. That’s why the villagers there are made commandos.

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There are some other similar forces also in the country. This includes Greyhounds from Telangana and Special Operations Group (SOG) from Andhra Pradesh. But all these forces have been created at the state level. He has made the famous “Veer Bhogya Vasundhara” his tagline. The C-60 started with 15 teams which has now grown to 24.

The team is known as Commander
Tribals who want to join the force have to go through many tests, in which their mental and physical strength etc. is seen. It is said to be the only force in which the team is known by the name of its commander. The head of the C-60 force is also a tribal. This creates an atmosphere of convenience throughout the unit.

Expert in operating gadgets
These tribal commandos are proficient in operating new weapons and gadgets. Their intelligence is also great as they have knowledge about the culture, people and language of their villages. The local people know him and he doesn’t mind talking to him.

Knowledge of local language, culture
The commandos of the C-60 themselves join this force. There are many people involved in this, whose relatives and relatives have lost their lives in the Naxalite attack. They speak local land, local languages ​​like Gondi and Marathi. Naxalites speak these languages ​​in these areas.

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