bullet me patakha silencer lagwane walon ka challan latest news and updates: Those who install firecracker silencer in bullet will be challaned heavily

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bullet me patakha silencer lagwane walon ka challan latest news and updates: Those who install firecracker silencer in bullet will be challaned heavily


  • Great campaign against those who put firecracker silencers in bullets
  • Shamli police is arresting such people and collecting fine
  • 10 thousand rupees fine for doing silencer modification in MV Act
  • A few days ago, the Allahabad High Court had also taken a strict stand on this.

By installing a firecracker silencer in the bike, there has been a disaster for the fans of deliberately making ear-burping sounds on the road. In Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, the police has taken a tough stand against such people. District SP Sukirti Madhav has launched a campaign against such people. The police are arresting and challaning such people by campaigning at major intersections of the city. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, the fine for doing silencer modification is Rs 10,000. In such a situation, till now the pockets of the people who have been filling their furry by applying cracker silencers can become loose at any time.

High court is also strict on those who install Kanphodu silencer

A few days ago, the Allahabad High Court had also taken a tough stand on those who made a ruckus by changing the silencer. The court had termed as an obstruction in the freedom of others to create a rumbling sound through silencer modification. The court had asked the Uttar Pradesh government to take strict action against those driving such bikes. Such changes are not permitted under the law. Such silencers not only emit a lot of smoke, but also produce sound many times more than the prescribed limit, which causes trouble to others.

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SP said, ‘Cracker silencers are completely illegal, challans are being cut’
Shamli SP Sukirti Madhav nbt online In a conversation with Bullet and other brands of bikes, changing the silencer to sound like crackers has become a hobby of some people. People change the silencer of the bike, due to which there is a loud sound like firecrackers. Because of these people, it becomes difficult for others to walk on the road. It is completely illegal. The good thing is that its challan is Rs 10000. Shamli police is making people aware by running a campaign and is also challaning such people.

The sound gets louder many times over

As per the Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, the maximum noise limit for motorcycles and scooters is 80 decibels. The stock silencer of the factory model has three filters which reduce noise. But due to the modified silencers, the sound of at least 120 decibels comes out. The cost of installing such exhaust systems is a few thousand rupees. Some bikes also have silencers that sound like firecrackers.

What did the High Court say?
The Allahabad High Court has taken cognizance of the loud noise of many high-powered bikes including Royal Enfield (Bullet), Halle Davidson. The court said that it has become fashionable nowadays to change the silencer of bikes. This causes great problems to sick people, elderly and children. The court quoted section 52 of the MV Act and said that there is a ban on change in the factory model. Referring to other provisions of the same Act, the court said that these rules also apply to foreign bikes.

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Such changes are not approved by RTO
Any change in the factory model is illegal unless approved by the Regional Transport Office. Royal Enfield, KTM and many other brands have their own range of exhausts which are as per the norms. The catalytic converter has to be removed to install the modified silencer. Whereas it filters the exhaust gases so that dangerous particles do not spread into the atmosphere. Catalytic converter is required to comply with BS6 emission norms. If you replace the catalytic converter and get some other high-performance exhaust, then your vehicle will not meet the BS6 norms.

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