British Navy Warship To Be Look Like Avengers Army In Future: British Navy will look like Avengers, drones will destroy the enemy in water from space

British Navy Warship To Be Look Like Avengers Army In Future: British Navy will look like Avengers, drones will destroy the enemy in water from space

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Royal Navy: Britain’s Navy is making its weapons for the future, which are quite filmy to see and hear. Some are comparing them with Avengers and some are telling them the reality to come.

What will the UK military look like in the future? In answer to this question, some pictures have come out which show that in future the Royal Navy will look like the army of Avengers. The Avengers’ army, their weapons and equipment are part of the human imagination, but the British Navy can make this fantasy come true. Young engineers have released detailed proposals for four possible vehicles. It consists of a stealth submarine carrier and a giant drone station that will be attached to a helium balloon and located in the stratosphere.

The idea behind this is that attack drones the size of conventional airplanes can be launched from the station ‘immediately’ on alert of the attack. So that it can shoot down from the sky and go under water and hit the enemy ship. So far, the Royal Navy has not disclosed the cost involved in the construction of these new projects. These proposals have been prepared by four engineers following a challenge from UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology.

50 years post preparation
The proposals are intended to help the Royal Navy develop ideas for an autonomous fleet that show how the military will operate 50 years later. Many of these weapons look like films from the Avengers series. The films of the Avengers series are famous all over the world and its characters have crores of fans. Vice Admiral Nick Hine, Second Sea Lord for the Royal Navy, said that if we find ourselves largely vulnerable to conventional battles in the future, we will have to think differently.

Some reality and some far from fiction
He said that the engineers working on this project are thinking on the basis of realistic imagination which shows what the Royal Navy’s thinking is. The Navy, which comes under the Ministry of Defense, said that it is also working to build Persistent Operational Deployment Systems, also known as Automated Deployable Mission Modules, in the next 10 years.

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Photo Credit : Royal Navy

Dr Siddhartha Kaushal, a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told Sky News that some of the propositions are “extremely rational” while others are very, very hypothetical. He said that both China and the US use balloons for surveillance and it will not take them very long to use it as a weapon. But launching a vehicle from a stratospheric balloon, then entering the water and then attacking, is all a long way off for me.

How will technology work?
Engineers have developed concepts for four types of ships. These are being called Fast Strike, Underwater Platform, Carrier Vessel and Surface Combatant. Fast Strike involves a helium balloon that will be powered by solar energy and will be present in the stratosphere. According to the Royal Navy, the attack drones will be shaped like conventional airplanes which can be launched ‘instantly’. Will come down at its hypersonic speed and destroy enemy ships on or below the surface of the water.

The underwater platform would be shaped like a giant marine mammal. The Carrial Vessel will be a floating vessel with a launch pad for unmanned aircraft and satellites and a ramp for take-off of heavy aircraft. Similarly, the Surface Combatant will also float on the surface of the water with ‘Habitability Pods’ built for Royal Navy personnel to enter.

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