bpsc 64th exam final result: BPSC result in general aur obc cut off barabar expert se samjhe iske mayane

bpsc 64th exam final result: BPSC result in general aur obc cut off barabar expert se samjhe iske mayane


  • General and OBC Cutoff Marks Equal in BPSC Result
  • BSSC Top 10 candidates mostly from engineering background
  • Prediction of social change from cutoff is wrong – sociologist

It has been two days since the Bihar Public Service Commission has released the BPSC 64th Result. In these two days, news of candidates who have cleared the BPSC examination is coming from all over the state. This time the top 10 are mostly engineering students. Even pass out students from IITs will come in the field of administration after passing the civil service examination. According to the information received from the commission, the cut off marks for general category 535, for general female 513, SC 490, SC female 490, ST 514, SC female 513, EBC 516, EBC female 495, Backward class (OBC) 535, OBC Females qualified on 511 cutoff marks.

The cutoff for the result of 64th examination of BPSC is going to be noticed. This time the cutoff marks for general category and OBC category are equal. Not only this, the cutoff of SC and ST category is also not far behind that of General. There have been protests against reservation in jobs from time to time all over India. Amidst the opposition to reservation, this time the cutoff of BPSC seems to be giving rise to a new type of debate. Navbharat Times.com tried to understand the meaning of BPSC cutoff from sociologists and economists and the message going out among the young section of the society.

No need to take any other form to reduce the cutoff gap: S Narayan
S Narayan, a sociologist and member of the Scheduled Tribes Commission, said that there is a provision to provide education and job help to the people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward and Most Backward Classes in the country. Whatever the government is, it gives them special facilities from tax money under the constitution. This facility is not an issue of any particular state or government. This is the constitutional responsibility of any government. As far as the difference between the cut-off of reserved candidates and general category students in BPSC is concerned, it need not be taken in any other way. Central or state government organization has a pattern for the examination to be held for jobs. In which seats are already fixed keeping in mind the people of every section of the society. It is also taken care that there is no discrimination of any kind even during the interview. This whole process is constitutional. Therefore, there is no need to take any other form about the difference in cutoff marks.

It is wrong to estimate the education level of Bihar by looking at the cutoff: Manju Sinha
Manju Sinha, a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, RPS College, Patna, said that social change is taking place not only in Bihar but in the entire country. Looking at the cutoff of BPSC, it cannot be said that the level of education in Bihar is good as compared to other states. Yes, it is a matter of course that after the awakening in the society with the changing times, people of all castes are now giving importance to education. One more thing to note here is that how is the financial condition of the family of maximum number of students who have cleared the BPSC exam in the reserved category. Because if a student passed in the reserved category has got all the facilities from the family to prepare for the competition, then it becomes a subject of separate study. My personal opinion is that the benefit of reservation should be given to those people of every caste section of the society who are not getting enough facilities to pursue themselves.

Prediction of any social change from cutoff is wrong: Vinod Kumar Choudhary
Professor Vinod Kumar Choudhary, retired from the post of Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Head of the Department of Sociology, said that no matter which category the students come from, if they are interested in studies, have good understanding and have a good will, then they will be successful anywhere. . Don’t be surprised to see the BPSC cutoff marks. Under the Constitution, special facilities are being provided by different governments to different categories of people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes of the society, the result of which is being reflected in the cutoff of BPSC. It is clear that all the facilities of education etc. will be given to the people of any section of the society and if they have a passion for education, then they will be successful. The problem is that in a democratic system these facilities are taken and given on the basis of votes and not on the basis of need. So it is wrong to predict any major social change by looking at the BPSC cutoff.

Reducing the creamy layer will benefit the genuine needy: Baikunth Roy
Baikuntha Roy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, College of Commerce, Patna, said that the gap between the cutoff for reserved category and unreserved category is getting narrower not only in BPSC but also in other states’ competitive exams. The cutoff gap in UPSC prelims exam is also getting smaller. It can be said that due to reservation some positive changes have come in the society. In the nineties, people of OBC category are getting the facility under reservation, their society is also showing a change. The people of the society who are coming forward with the benefit of reservation are proving to be helpful in providing facilities to their children and family members. The credit for this goes to the reservation itself.

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One aspect of this is also that after ninety, due to reasons like globalization, economic liberalization in the country, the country’s economy and GDP are also growing. Apart from the Corona period, due to the increase in the economy, its effect is also visible on the society. Facilities are also being provided to the families living below the poverty line. Whether it is central or state governments, both are spending a large part of the budget by making schemes like MNREGA, PM Awas etc. to benefit the needy.

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There is also one thing in this that some state governments of the country including Bihar are providing coaching facilities to the weak and backward sections of the society free of cost or at very nominal fees. Due to this, those children who were not able to afford the education, they are taking direct benefit of it. There is also one thing in this that the financially weak students are also getting the benefit of the digital platform. There are many other platforms including YouTube where education material is available for free. Earlier, if a student of Bihar used to go to Delhi to prepare for the commission exam, he would have spent a lot, but now he can sit in his village and do coaching with the help of internet. Therefore, I would like to say that reducing the cutoff gap is a matter of research and debate. There cannot be one reason for this.

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There is one more thing worth seeing here, especially in the OBC category, except for the social discrimination, if we talk about the creamy layer, then there is a need to reduce its scale. Because if a person earning eight lakh rupees annually applies in the reservation category and sits in the job exam, then it is not justified according to me. Because the family earning eight lakhs is able to provide best resources of education to its children and it will not lag behind in competing with the general category candidates. In such a situation, if the level of creamy layer is reduced, then the children of the economically weaker families of the society will get the real benefit of reservation.

OBC cutoff in 2019 higher than general category
In the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam results released in the year 2019, the cut off of OBCs went above the general category. In the final result of BPSC, the final cut off for OBC candidates was 595, while the cut off for general category candidates was 588. During that time RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav had raised questions about this cut off list. He alleged that this is being done under a conspiracy to end reservation. Reservation can be canceled by saying that reservation is not needed through such cut off list.

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