Book On Lord Vishnu : South African Pandit Wrote A Book On The Hindu God Lord Vishnu Liked By All Community

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Book On Lord Vishnu : South African Pandit Wrote A Book On The Hindu God Lord Vishnu Liked By All Community

A book written by a South African pundit Lucy Sigban about the Hindu deity Vishnu is being liked not only by Hindus but also among leaders of other religious communities. In this book 1,000 names of Vishnu have been translated into English. To make it accessible to the people of South Africa and especially to Hindu youth, many of whom cannot read Hindi or Sanskrit.

Sigban has written a book titled ‘Vishnu – 1,000 Names’ inspired by an incident in his life. He studied ‘Vishnu Sahasranama’ for seven years and then decided to share his thoughts with others. Sigban said, ‘In the year 2005, my condition was very bad. At that time I was without a job for more than a year and my car was taken back by the bank.
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Sigban helps the Hindu community
He said that my sons Nitai and Gaura were young and it was a very difficult time. As wise men have said – in difficult times one must have faith in the One above. The challenges of life can be reduced by Satyanarayan Vrat Katha. Sigban, who trained in India, greatly assists the Hindu community in the greater Johannesburg region, especially those from lower socio-economic groups. She also conducts various pujas to weddings and funerals according to Hindu rituals.

Book release inside Durga Mandir
Members of Hindu, Muslim, Christian and traditional African religion communities attended the book launch inside the Durga Temple in Lesia, a predominantly Indian settlement south of Johannesburg, over the weekend. The head of the ‘Interfaith Desk’ in the city of Johannesburg, K. Meshek Tembe appreciated Sigban’s progressive approach in bringing about social and religious unity through his work.

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