Bollywood actresses fitness: these 7 actresses have reached beyond 40 years, but fitness is such that they still look young – karisma kapoor to shilpa shetty 7 super fit bollywood actresses over 40 giving us serious workout and diet inspiration

Bollywood actresses fitness: these 7 actresses have reached beyond 40 years, but fitness is such that they still look young – karisma kapoor to shilpa shetty 7 super fit bollywood actresses over 40 giving us serious workout and diet inspiration

Women often start working differently after they reach the age of 40. Metabolism does not work properly at this age and weight loss also becomes difficult. But that does not mean that you cannot look the same. Here we will tell you about 5 such Bollywood celebrities, who have crossed the 40s stage and look equally beautiful even today. Their fitness and beauty make us feel that age does not matter in front of hard work and dedication.

Karisma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor managed to maintain her figure since the 90s. Karishma Kapoor, a mother of two, loves to do yoga. She shares a balanced and healthy diet, sharing every mile on Instagram with 5.7 million followers.

Karishma Kapoor, 46, told the Times of India, ‘I take small meats 6-7 times a day. It is very important to do this to keep the body in shape. But keep in mind, there should be a gap of at least two to three hours in between every mile. This is a very good way to maintain the figure after 40 ‘.

Karishma Kapoor is one step ahead of Kareena in looking younger, at the age of 45, she maintains such a screen

Karishma Kapoor doing aerial yoga

Shilpa shetty

Shilpa Shetty’s figure is often praised in the media. Not only did he create this figure, but also did yoga, asanas and exercising regularly. He learned yoga after an accident with cervical spondylitis. Now the actress has mastered the ashtanga and configuration rugs over the years.

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With 18 million followers on Instagram, the actress keeps updating new types of exercise and healthy eating tips. Let us know that Shilpa Shetty never takes a solid diet, but also grows vegetables in her home. Last year, Shilpa Shetty, now 45, has launched her own fitness app.

Gym is closed in lockdown and weight is increasing, so follow Kareena Kapoor’s workout tips and maintain the figure at home

Sushmita Sen

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is back in the role after the slip disc problem a decade ago. He has started working on his fitness again. Ariel Silk is taking yoga from body weight training in her home gym. It is said that she definitely does a two-hour gym session four days a week. Spends a lot of time researching new technology. His personal trainer Nupur Shikhar said that he recently shared his 45-year-old diet on Instagram. In which microbes, protein, fat and carb are found in good quantity.

The secret of Sushmita’s fitness

Bipasha Basu

Beginning in a model room, Bipasha Basu made a lot of headlines in Bollywood with her toned figure. According to ‘Bollywood Hungama’, after a while Basu is planning to write three films, million YouTube videos and a fitness book.

Hardly anyone knows that 42-year-old Bipasha Strict follows a workout. According to the Economic Times, cardio, cycling, cross-training six days a week. This actress always advises her fans on Instagram not to forget about being hungry for a good toned figure.


Actress Bhagyashree is one of the most fit celebrities in the film Maine Pyaar Kiya. She is 52 years old, but seeing her it is difficult to guess her exact age. Bhagyashree believes in doing innovative workouts. She does easy workouts at home without any gym equipment. Not only this, she also posts healthy recipe videos with her son Abhimanyu. The shoulder-strength and bench press are some of his favorite exercises.

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This yoga body will burn the fat of the abdomen, thigh and arm fast, will also be seen on the face.

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi, 48, was obsessed with fitness when she participated in the 2008 TV reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. Mandira Bedi does workouts 5 days a week and tries to do cardio every day. Apart from going to the gym, she also goes swimming and running. Mandira Bedi does not allow her exercise routine to be disturbed even while traveling.

She carries with her running shoes, resistance bands and skipping rope. If they talk about their diet, then they like to eat more at home. Eats a banana before a workout. Bread, lentils and vegetables at lunch. Dinner is very light. In this, she eats salad or whatever is made at home. Bread does not eat at night.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora, who became a model actress and then a producer, looks beautiful even after 40. Arora, a fitness enthusiast from the heart, sees exercise combining both body and soul. From morning sun salutation to intermittent fasting, 47-year-old Malaika stays in her routine and prefers to avoid bad diet.

According to her, she is very careful about what she eats and when. She also shares her fitness tips with her fans constantly. A few days ago, she posted on Anulom-Antonym’s video Instagram to improve posture and lame capacity for mothers.

Malaika’s yoga love

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